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Rec Room: Adaeze Elechi: “Take A Negro Home”

May 2010 All the traumatizing things that happen when people dare to rip down solid walls of segregation.

Rec Room: Kristen Brunelli: Vincere

May 2010 Sometimes the line between hate and adoration is intangible.

Meakin Armstrong: On Mating

April 2010

Are others curious why Rush chose a female voice? I’m hoping this matter will be approached during the April 26 Guernica/PEN event where he’ll be a panelist.

Rec Room: David Xia: Paul Romer on Charter Cities

March 2010 His talk might sound fantastical and nuts at first, but Romer may have a valid point...

Rec Room: David Xia: The Smartest Guys in the Room

February 2010 When you’re hungry for tales of hubris, greed, and corporate drama…

Rec Room: Erica Wright: The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine

February 2010 Mark Yakich’s poems are like state fairs—they offer amusement but also moments that will stop you cold.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: Interactive Spaces

February 2010 Have we lost a sense of each other in buildings?

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: The American Painter Emma Dial

January 2010 This novel stares at the most frustrating experience an artist can have and renders it honestly.

Meakin Armstrong: On The Golden Key

January 2010

I wandered around, and thumbed through the remaindered bestsellers and out-of-date guidebooks, when I came across The Magical Key. This particular edition had the illustrations by Maurice Sendak and its afterword was by W.H. Auden. What was this book?

Meakin Armstrong: On The Skeptic’s Dictionary

October 2009

This book is a weapon. It will teach you how to think.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Taller Children

October 2009 Taller Children is so enjoyable because it avoids monotony—rather than linger in a single emotional zone, it continuously alternates between effervescence and melancholy.