Tag: religion

Reunion in Selma

October 2016

Finding connection after a complicated family history.

Sigal Samuel: The Mystics of Mile End

March 2016

Claire Schwartz interviews Sigal Samuel about Kabbalah, queer Jews, and religion as literature.

Faith Need Not Fear Reason

December 2015

The artist on his current New York solo exhibition, inspired by the religious coexistence of a more peaceful era.

The Americanist

July 2015

“I’m celebrating my country! Stop hating my freedom, you terrorist.”


June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: And as I parted my lips and then, later, my legs, watching the last clouds of smoke slip upward, I kept hearing my mother’s voice say, “Jesus is a fire.”

Jay Walljasper: Saving the World’s Holy Places

March 2015

A narrow interpretation of what’s sacred limits efforts to protect natural treasures.

How to Be a Woman in Tehran

March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: I stay because, as my mother never stopped repeating, I am my own woman, but also my own man.

Manash Bhattacharjee: Let Children Be

February 2015

On violence against children after the Peshawar tragedy.

Yo Soy el Diablo

December 2014

Religion in America: The Devil as part of a rather American tradition.

What Will Happen to All of That Beauty?

December 2014

Religion in America: Why does our humanity mean we are at once of God and utterly separate from Him?

Whole Self Movement

December 2014

Religion in America: The transgender rabbi on religious rituals, gender fluidity, and the language of LGBTQ inclusion.

What We Are Now, You Shall Be

December 2014

Religion in America: The Hare Krishna monk on cultural stereotypes, teaching faith through food, and America’s obsession with yoga.

After the Green Death

November 2014

At the top of the pantheon of spirits in Burma are the Thirty-Seven Nats. Twirling on earth, in a shimmering shawl, is their 74-year-old medium, U Nan Win.

In the Prison of New Beginnings

October 2014

In the South’s bloodiest prisons, Baptists say they can reform prisoners by turning them into missionaries.

Divine Acquisition

October 2014

American Empires: The scholar of African-American religion on black megachurches and the marketability of the American Dream.

How Does It End?

September 2014

The debut novelist and former Jehovah’s Witness on being a child preacher, leaving the church, and the safety of a good book.

Aditya Mani Jha: Revenge of the Offence Collectors

August 2014

An Indian politician retaliates against religious offenses by compiling his own, even more blasphemous, thoughts on religion.

Mallika Kaur: Ten Thousand Pairs of Shoes

June 2014

Finally talking about June 1984---30 years later---will honor the dead and protect the living.

Richard Falk: Pope Francis Visits Palestine

May 2014

Can religious power still have transformative effects?

Everyday Miracles

May 2014

The Jesuit priest, author, and avid tweeter on telling the story of Jesus through his divinity, and humanity.

Nina Martin: In Healthcare Suit Against Catholic Bishops, the Specter of an Early Defeat

March 2014

The ACLU’s case against the U.S. Bishops Conference could be thwarted on procedural grounds.

Win Bassett: These Signs Shall Follow Them

March 2014

American South: The Signs Followers of southern Appalachia prefer not to be called “snake-handlers."


February 2014

I do not trust these people, and they are not worth the embarrassment.

Mugambi Jouet: Is America Becoming Less Religious?

January 2014

Faith continues to both unite and divide Americans.

That Your Days May Be Long

January 2014

After an itinerant childhood with her missionary family, a young woman discovers the distances that remain.

Jennifer Percy: We Kill Ourselves Because We Are Haunted

January 2014

'I wanted to talk to veterans and the families of veterans for the same reason that many were telling me I could not talk to them.' An excerpt from Demon Camp.

Radka Franczak: Painting the Past in a New Russia

November 2013

Ela Bittencourt talks to the director of Losing Sonia, a profile of an Orthodox nun and icon painter who reflects the changes in modern Russia.

Katie Ryder: The Truth About Religious Freedom and the ACA

February 2013

Your right to swing your fist in religious practice ends when your fist reaches my nose, or uterus.

The Prophet’s Path

February 2013

The journalist and "accidental theologist" discusses distinguishing human from legend in her latest book on the founder of Islam.

Rachel Riederer: It’s Not the End of the World

December 2012

This week, Guernica Daily explores the idea of End Times.

Rafia Zakaria: Fighting is Forbidden

November 2012

Recent Islamist politics have turned the holy month of Muharram into a time of battle. Facing mounting violence, Karachi enters the Muslim year 1434 as a city under siege.

A Rioter’s Prayer

November 2012

Pussy Riot's Yekaterina Samutsevich on protest, art, and freedom

Andrew Bacevich: Boykinism

September 2012

Joe McCarthy would understand today's Islamophobia.

Nora Connor: The Myth of the Muslim Tide and the Search for the Moderate

September 2012

Doug Saunders's new book fights fears about “the Islamization of America” with historical and sociological fact, but slippery terminology gets in the way.

Ed Winstead: More Than You Can Chew

September 2012

What the all-you-can-eat buffet tells us about misguided nostalgia, overcoming privation, and the RNC.

The Anointing

September 2012

Seven months into her husband’s depression, Diane called the church secretary. She wanted the elders to come over and anoint Mitch with oil.

Linda Sarsour: Surveillance and the City

August 2012

The director of the Arab Association of New York talks with Meaghan Winter about mosque monitoring, civil liberties, and kids asking 'why do they hate us?'


June 2012

Banned in China and avoided by the American media, the Falun Gong movement turns twenty.

Mallika Kaur: France of Institutionalized Discrimination, “J’accuse!”

April 2012

France has institutionalized discrimination against Muslims, Sikhs, and Jews—but that hasn't stopped India, home to large populations of Muslims and Sikhs, from brokering an international arms deals with the country.

Nearer to Truth than History

January 2011 Reza Aslan on his groundbreaking anthology, the failure to build bridges between the West and Middle East, how poets can help, and the internet can’t.

Listen to the Banned

December 2010

Just in time for the holidays, a new CD compiles a who’s who of banned musicians from around the world.

The Earth is a Mosque

December 2010 Two New York City Muslims discuss the Islamic imperative to care for the earth.

Nazi Sheikhs

May 2010

The polemicist discusses Tariq Ramadan’s love of extremist sheikhs, Islamism’s ties to Hitler, and the intellectual confusion of liberal journalists.

Black Sheep and Exploding Turbans

May 2010

Europe is struggling to come to terms with its Muslim minority. What are the consequences of the intolerance and the violence for the continent and for literature? Paul Berman and a lauded panel chime in.

The other part of truth

By Tadeusz Dąbrowski translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
February 2010
Around Friday heaven arrives; they no longer supply / hell (it stays on the shelf too long), but I’ve got / hell at home, as well as heaven and the saints.

Meakin Armstrong: On The Skeptic’s Dictionary

October 2009

This book is a weapon. It will teach you how to think.