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Richard Falk: Context Matters

August 2016

Turkey after the failed coup.

Richard Falk: How the United States Government Obstructs Peace for Israel/Palestine

August 2016

In his new book, Jeremy Hammond argues that the peace process has become a bridge to nowhere.

Richard Falk: Narrating Turkey at a Time of National Crisis

July 2016

How the polarization of politics led to an attempted coup many were not expecting.

Richard Falk: Are We Heading Toward Global Autocracy, Ecological Collapse, Political Malaise?

July 2016

From Cold War prophesies to a global autocracy .

Richard Falk: On (Not) Loving Henry Kissinger

June 2016

The 2016 election cycle, and the long shadow of the most scandalous foreign policy figure of the 20th century.

Richard Falk: General Golan’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech

May 2016

The Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech of Major General Yair Golan

Richard Falk: Dreaming of the Next UN Secretary General

May 2016

Why the selection process for the Secretary General has always protected the global order.

Richard Falk, David Krieger and Robert Laney: An Open Letter on Nuclear Weapons to the American People

January 2016

Political responsibility in the Nuclear Age.

Richard Falk: A Nonagon of Toxic Conflict

October 2015

Notes on the Turkish quagmire.

Richard Falk: Fukushima and Beyond

August 2015

Can a distinction be drawn between developing nuclear power and nuclear weaponry?

Richard Falk: The Weird ‘Good Fortune’ of Tsutomu Yamaguchi

August 2015

The personal legacies of the many survivors of the atomic bombing of Japan.

Richard Falk: Seventy Years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 2015

Don't confuse nuclear deterrence with nuclear disarmament.

Richard Falk: Subjectivity and Wartime Journalism

August 2015

When objectivity is biased.

Richard Falk: Pondering Jonathan Pollard’s Release

August 2015

The moral conundrum of espionage and treason.

Richard Falk: The Significance of Israel’s Opposition to the Vienna Agreement

July 2015

Does the United States come to the negotiating table as a kingpin, or as an ally?

Richard Falk: The Hillary Dilemma

July 2015

Between pragmatism and conscience.

Richard Falk: The Undisclosed Second Paradox in Michael Walzer’s The Paradox of Liberation

June 2015

Walzer’s latest argument hinges precariously on his choice of case study.

Richard Falk: Is the Middle East America’s to Lose?

June 2015

Has the habit of referring to the affairs of the Middle East as America’s responsibility turned to an assumption of possession?

Richard Falk: Israel’s Former President Underestimates Turkey and Iran

June 2015

Iran is not evil and Turkey was never in danger of becoming evil.

Richard Falk: There are FIFA Scandals Worse Than Bribes

June 2015

On the other FIFA scandal that goes beyond corruption: the continued mistreatment of the Palestinian Soccer Association.

Richard Falk: America at Its Best Is Strange

June 2015

Nebraska's recent vote to abolish capital punishment reveals the strangeness of the American political system.

Richard Falk: Parodies of Parity

May 2015

Our understanding of Israel’s occupation of Palestine must be reoriented to acknowledge the relation between oppressor and oppressed is not one of equal responsibility.

Richard Falk: The Semantics of Struggle

May 2015

Words used against the grain.

Richard Falk: The Geopolitical Right of Exception at the United Nations

April 2015

The UN is a powerful organization, but the US and other big players ultimately make the rules.

Richard Falk: Change v. Continuity in the Philippines

March 2015

On returning to the Philippines, the Marcos family, and “reconciliation without truth.”

Richard Falk: Netanyahu, The Day After

March 2015

Congress's self-destructive embrace.

Richard Falk: Murder in North Carolina

February 2015

A short interview on interpreting the ghastly murder of three young Muslims living in the North Carolina university town of Chapel Hill.

Richard Falk: Despicable Savages

February 2015

American Sniper is arch propaganda which glorifies American offensive warfare while marginalizing Iraqi suffering.

Pope Francis and Religious Cosmopolitanism

January 2015

With his message of unity and the dignity of all people, the pope is leading a global movement for justice and peace.

Richard Falk: Championing Lost Causes

November 2014

I am not yet brave enough to say (and mean) ‘Richard Falk is dead.’

Richard Falk: Sweden Moves to Recognize Palestine

October 2014

What's the use of diplomatic recognition?

Richard Falk: Living Together on Planet Earth

October 2014

Four logics that define the statist world order.

Richard Falk: After ‘Protective Edge’

September 2014

What is the future for Palestine and Israel?

Richard Falk: Two Types of Anti-Semitism

September 2014

These two distinct types of anti-Semitism actually work at cross purposes, and although there may be situations of overlap, it is a dangerous confusion to lump them together.

Richard Falk: Poetry and War

August 2014

What is the poetic response to war?

Richard Falk: The Time has Come

July 2014

Do Israel's military operations against Gaza constitute war crimes?

Richard Falk: Obama and Hubris at West Point

June 2014

Rejecting mindless militarism won't be the end of ultranationalism.

Richard Falk: Pope Francis Visits Palestine

May 2014

Can religious power still have transformative effects?

Richard Falk: On Global Citizenship in the 21st Century

May 2014

Is global governance consistent with what we know of human nature?

Richard Falk: Why The Peace Talks Collapsed and Should Not Be Resumed

May 2014

The United States' double role in Israel-Palestinian negotiations.

Richard Falk: The New Interventionists

April 2014

New developments in the interventionist debate.

Richard Falk: After Turkey’s March 30th Local Elections

April 2014

Why Turkey is at a crossroads.

Richard Falk: Debating Syria and Ukraine

March 2014

Over-reliance on ideology could prevent addressing human tragedies in Syria and Ukraine.

Richard Falk: What To Do Now in Syria

February 2014

There are no easy answers in Syria.

Richard Falk: A Meeting with Ayatollah Khomeini

February 2014

A conversation with Khomeini, 35 years past.

Richard Falk: Uncovering Occupied Palestine

February 2014

Life under occupation in Hany Alu-Assad's Omar.

Richard Falk: The International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

January 2014

A little noted initiative by the United Nations sparks hope for a just and sustainable peace in the region.

Richard Falk: Escaping the Abusive State After Snowden

December 2013

The modern liberal state needs to find a decent balance between freedom and security.

Richard Falk: Two Forms of Lethal Polarization

November 2013

How polarization is poisoning Turkey and Egypt.

Richard Falk: Invisible Horizons of a Just Palestine/Israel Future

November 2013

The burden of history lies heavy on the United Nations.

Richard Falk: Malala and Eartha Kitt — Words that Matter

October 2013

How to behave when you get your invitation to the White House.

Richard Falk: Post-Intervention Libya—A Militia State

October 2013

The trouble in Libya and how we helped it happen.

Richard Falk: Resolving the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis

September 2013

If an attack on Syria is averted, it could mark a welcome shift in U.S. foreign policy.

Richard Falk: Snowden’s Post-Asylum Relevance

August 2013

With Snowden temporarily safe in Russia, the impact of his leaks on U.S. foreign relations is still an open question.

Richard Falk: Geopolitical Winds Blow in China’s Direction

July 2013

With intervention out of favor, American foreign policy is returning to “the great game” of great power politics.

Richard Falk: Ending Perpetual War? Endorsing Drone Warfare?

June 2013

President Obama, drone warfare, and the self-mystifying glories of American exceptionalism.

Richard Falk: An Early Assessment of the Gaza Ceasefire

November 2012

The recent Gaza ceasefire may be a turning point in the long Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Richard Falk: Istanbul, a Modest Proposal

November 2012

Could Istanbul be the future capital of the world?

Richard Falk: Comparing Presidential Elections: 2008 versus 2012

October 2012

How hope and fear have defined America's last two presidential campaigns.

Richard Falk: Persisting Syrian Dilemmas

October 2012

Hope, wisdom, law, ethics, and spirituality in relation to killing and dying in Syria.

Richard Falk: Apollo’s Curse and Climate Change

October 2012

The scientific community is largely united on the dangers of climate change, so why is no one listening?

Richard Falk: Ten Years of AKP Leadership in Turkey

September 2012

There are heartening signs of improved relations between the civil and military arms of Turkey's government, but much work remains.

Richard Falk: Toward a New Geopolitics?

August 2012

Are we in the midst of a fundamental geopolitical shift?

Richard Falk: For What?

July 2012

Richard Falk considers how he came to find himself so drawn to the Palestinian cause.

Richard Falk: Pros and Cons of Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle

July 2012

In solidarity efforts, our way may not always be the best way.

Richard Falk: Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

July 2012

What is the best way to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon?

Richard Falk: On Human Identity

July 2012

It's time to focus on the things that unite us in the common struggle for a brighter future.

Richard Falk: U.S. Military Suicides and Palestinian Hunger Strikes

June 2012

What do the suicides of U.S. military personnel have in common with the food strikes put on by Palestinian detainees?

Richard Falk: Political Europe Can Save Economic Europe

June 2012

Europe's economic woes seem endless, but there is a way forward.

Richard Falk: On the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations

June 2012

To solve global problems, we have to start thinking in terms of civilizations instead of than nation-states.  A dispatch from the recent Istanbul Partners Forum.

Richard Falk: What Can Be Done About Syria?

June 2012

Why tragedy and impotence mark the struggle in Syria.

Richard Falk: Beyond the Politics of Invisibility

May 2012

Should the story of the Palestinian hunger strikers be getting more attention, and, if so, who should give it to them?

Richard Falk: The Nakba 2012

May 2012

How recent hunger strikes have changed the tone of the day commemorating the Palestinian displacement after the Israeli Declaration of Independence."

Richard Falk: Reflections on the Great Palestinian Prison Hunger Strikes of 2012

May 2012

The end of the Palestinian hunger strike provides opportunity for reflection on its media coverage, legacy, and history.

Richard Falk: Under the Radar

May 2012

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners are staging hunger strikes in Israeli detention centers.

Richard Falk: Charles Taylor and Selective Criminal Accountability

May 2012

While the United States advocates for international criminal justice, it may be ignoring human rights abuses closer to home.

Richard Falk: Charles Taylor and Selective Criminal Accountability

April 2012

The trial of Charles Taylor highlights Western hypocrisy with regard to international human rights law.

Richard Falk: Choosing a President for the World Bank

April 2012

Why the international search for the new head of the World Bank was a charade.

Richard Falk: Nuclear Weapons Are Not Instruments of Peace

April 2012

Richard Falk on the so-called decline of violence, nuclear weapons, and subtle academic corruption.

Richard Falk: The Ordeal of Hana Shalabi

March 2012

Hana Shalabi continues her historic hunger strike to protest abuse that she experienced and her objections to the Israeli practice of prolonged detention without charges, without trial.

Richard Falk: Saving Khader Adnan’s Life and Legacy

February 2012
 Israel has agreed to release activist Khader Adnan. Here’s what that means.