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The Avenue of Faiths

By Salar Abdoh, with thanks to Habibe Jafarian
June 2016

n the crowded bus there was an Iraqi woman who was utterly lost; she did not know where her hotel was. With their broken Arabic, the other riders managed to figure out where she was staying and told the driver. The driver, in turn, halted the bus right in front of the Iraqi woman’s hotel— the hotel of a woman from a country Iran had fought a bloody eight-year war with.

Salar Abdoh: A Hanging at the House of Artists

February 2013

The public execution of two petty thieves sends a message to Tehran's artists and intellectuals. A dispatch from the gallows.

Majed Neisi: Kumandan Qurban and the Bus to Badakhshan

March 2012

An untold tale from the days of the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan.

Majed Neisi & Salar Abdoh: This is Afghanistan

July 2011
  Iranian American writer, Salar Abdoh, corresponds with his friend Majed, a documentary filmmaker, in Afghanistan. Majed reports here on his travels in the Middle East.

Necessary Roughness

November 2010

During 2009’s post-election protests in Tehran, one man is struck into a commitment to the cause.

Irrational Waiting

November 2007

What does it take to drive the population of a county crazy? Apparently, just 3 liters of gas a day. Salar Abdoh navigates his way through the meaning behind Iran's fuel rationing.

Moving Violations

June 2007

Abdoh contemplates the codes of modesty in Iran, and finds himself caught between a New York yoga class and the Caspian Sea.