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Sebastian Rotella: ISIS via WhatsApp

July 2016

A trove of communications from ISIS plots and activity in Europe reveals a mix of direct control and improvisation and shows the crucial importance of encrypted messaging tools. “Detonate your belt in the crowds,” one message declared.

Sebastian Rotella: Dos Erres Commander Sentenced

February 2014

A conviction in the case of the Dos Erres massacre.

Sebastian Rotella: ‘They Ordered Us To Kill All The People’

October 2013

At a historic U.S. trial, former Guatemalan army commandos testify about the massacre of 250 villagers in the jungle hamlet of Dos Erres during the country’s civil war.

Sebastian Rotella: Syria’s Jihadi Migration to Europe and Beyond

July 2013

The global jihad sees the Syrian conflict as its principal front.

Sebastian Rotella: The Terror Threat and Iran’s Inroads in Latin America

July 2013

Chavez is dead and Ahmadinejad is out of office, but the ties that bind Venezuela and Iran are still strong.

Sebastian Rotella: How Hezbollah Trained an Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists

April 2013

Hezbollah's recent activity casts doubt on its relationship with Europe.

Sebastian Rotella: Terror Group Recruits From Pakistan’s ‘Best and Brightest’

April 2013

Lashkar-e-Taiba is an institution well-embedded in Pakistani Society.

Sebastian Rotella: Judge Gives American 35 Years for Plotting Deadly Mumbai Terror Attack

January 2013

David Coleman Headley's testimony against Pakistan's intelligence agency helped him avoid the death penalty.

Sebastian Rotella: Support for Mumbai Terror Group Lands Chicagoan 14-Year Prison Term

January 2013

Tahawwur Rana sentenced to 14 years in prison for working with the group involved in Mumbai terrorist attacks.