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On Coupling: An Inventory

October 2016

“I want both: marriage and lovers, freedom and security. I want my husband to say yes to this."

A Bridged Country

April 2016

It wasn’t like we hadn’t grown accustomed to male wooers after Pa danced his way out of the picture, but something about Casero, that old bag, pissed me off.

The Naked Maja, or La Petit Mort

February 2016

“You’re delicious,” he says, meaning it, remembering the taste of mango.

The Edge

May 2015

She studied her face, looking for any change. A bad person. A cheat. A lesbian. A cheating, barren lesbian.

Julia Ingalls: Reader Abuse

December 2013

A conversation with Julia Ingalls on the fiction and non-fiction of child abuse.

Sex & Death

February 2013

Matt Korvette of the punk band Pissed Jeans on pain, fashion fetishes, and redirecting the male gaze

This, Desire

November 2012

Guest fiction editor Roxane Gay introduces this issue's erotica.

Boy, A History

November 2012

Notes on names Boy gets called at school: fudge packer, pansy, fairy, pillow biter, cock gobbler.


November 2012

Jimmy Nolan has a thing for broads—loud, brassy women who sit with their legs open and drink beer straight from the bottle—women who always say exactly what they’re thinking and for better or worse, mean what they say.

James M. Decker: Henry Miller’s Pyrrhic Victory

October 2012

Banned Books Week: Though Miller defeated censorship, his work was misunderstood and cartoonishly simplified

The World Without You

June 2012

He’s mopping at his pelvis with a wadded-up tissue, and then he’s mopping her up as well. Already the backs of her thighs are caking up.

The Sexual Lives of Missionaries

July 2011

There were big ones and small ones and medium-sized ones, blonde and brunette, and even bald ones…


By Chad Simpson
September 2007

“Just lie there,” he would say. “Pretend your hands are tied to the bed frame. Pretend you can’t move them.”


By Karl Roloff
September 2005

My wife and I were kick-ass archeologists. Found all kinds of old, important shit out in the jungle, dealing with dangerous natives, applying for grants.