Tag: sharing economy

Robert Reich: The Upsurge in Uncertain Work

August 2015

The new "sharing" economy means more jobs and even more economic instability.

Jan Hively and Moira Allan: Sharing is Not Just For the Young

May 2015

The Pass It On Network encourages elders draw on their strengths to help one another and their communities.

Robert Reich: Why We’re All Becoming Independent Contractors

February 2015

The rise of “independent contractors” is the most significant legal trend in the American workforce.

Robert Reich: Back to the Nineteenth Century

February 2015

So what will be the galvanizing force for change this time?

Ryann Grochowski Jones: Ridesharing, Uber & Drunk Driving

February 2015

The ridesharing service published a report last week connecting the rise of Uber to a drop in drunk driving accidents. Except the connection isn’t so clear.

Robert Reich: The Share-the-Scraps Economy

February 2015

The economy of the future will be driven by robots, with little room for real people.

Juliet Schor: Debating the Sharing Economy

November 2014

Is this sharing's big breakthrough? Or business as usual?

Jessica Conrad: Deep Sharing

April 2014

Is this how our minds work, that we take care of each other and make decisions that increase our collective self-reliance?

Neal Gorenflo: How Sharing Can Shift the Spirit of the Times

March 2014

Shareable magazine co-founder Neal Gorenflo says the sharing economy will help us create the kind of future we want to live in.

Jay Walljasper: How Urban Design Helps or Hinders the Health of the Commons

February 2014

Aspiring to that proverbial cup of sugar borrowed from a neighbor.

Jessica Conrad: Vancouver Values Sharing

November 2013

Can we move from a global surveillance state to a global sharing state?