Tag: social media

Surveillance Revisited

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The ICP curator on urban panopticons, humans as data, and the selfie.

Elizabeth Senja Spackman: Proximal Grief

April 2016

Twenty-two years later, in this era of social media, how do we mourn the Rwandan genocide?

I Share, Therefore I Am

July 2015

Artist Mónika Sziládi examines the digital self.

Raillan Brooks: #MyBlackTeacher is About the Black Lives That Matter to You

December 2014

When you know us, it’s harder to kill us.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee: How Should a Doctor Act?

November 2014

New York City: an infection story.

Sisi Wei: Disappearing Voices and Supporting Russia

September 2014

The Russian government’s efforts to silence critics is getting help from an unlikely source: a San Francisco-based blogging company.

Pratap Chatterjee: The Data Hackers

October 2013

When the FBI hires hackers and hacking tools, it’s because they don’t have any other choice.

Thomas Larson: Writing Seen, Writing Spoken

August 2013

E-readers, texting, book trailers, and Twitter are not only changing the possibilities for writing, but also what it means to be a writer.

Katie Ryder: A Note to Zimmerman’s Facebook Defenders

July 2013

The problem with the "but this is the law" response.

Theodoric Meyer and Peter Maass: No Warrant, No Problem

June 2013

How the government can get your digital data.

Andrea DenHoed: A Year of Amanda F***ing Palmer

May 2013

Self-expression, self-promotion, and fan-participant culture via the divisive musician and artist of “asking.”

Joseph Spece: Some Strange Harmony

April 2013

Alexander Landfair talks with a poet equally enthusiastic about Wuthering Heights and Resident Evil.

Hard Wired

March 2013

On the evolution of Internet bullying, resilience of underdogs, and the promise of today’s teens.

Rachel Signer: Consider the Tweet

January 2013

How should the writer respond to social media?

The Sick and the Well

July 2011 Lynne Tillman discusses her latest mindfuck story collection and how social reading platforms erode the barrier between writer and reader.