Tag: South Africa

Joy Shan: To Give Memory a Place

July 2016

Pieter Hugo's latest portrait series examines the quiet afterlives of apartheid and genocide.

Will McGrath: The Noose in Hentiesbaai

December 2015

Apartheid, Germans, and genocide in Namibia

Breaking the Silence

August 2015

Zanele Muholi’s stirring portraits of South Africa’s LGTBQI community.

The Rhino’s Last Stand

July 2015

Is domestication a final hope for the world’s rhinos?

A Failure of Memory

June 2015

Three photographs chronicle the devastation surrounding the war against apartheid in South Africa.

Claire Nielsen: Apartheid’s Final Outpost

February 2015

In Orania, South Africa’s last remaining white-only town, the country’s history of racial segregation and white supremacy lives on.

Writing in the Gray Areas

February 2014

Are some acts so revolting that the people who commit them do not deserve a hearing?

The Expedition to the Baobab Tree

December 2013

I had felt him in my blood vessels, for he had come to live in me and I had begun to smell like him, and with his eyes...

Jesus Owes Me Money

August 2013

What I’m about to tell you Pastor John doesn’t know.

The Barrel of the Apartheid Gun

July 2013

The Nobel laureate on Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid, a new biography of South Africa’s revolutionary couple.

Roslyn Bernstein: Okwui Enwezor Traces the Struggle of Apartheid

October 2012

A visit with the curator of “Rise and Fall of Apartheid” shows how photographers revealed South Africans’ struggles to the world.

Photography and Other Truths

May 2012

South Africa's Pieter Hugo on negotiating representations of Africa, the searing controversy surrounding his work, Nick Cave, and his friend the late Tim Hetherington.

From Catastrophes

December 2011 They string people upside down from the verandas and split them with bayonets. Halved people hang in rows and the blood drips pif-pif-paf in the snow.


January 2011

June’s winter, ivory-rinsed blue, // a wild dog tugs a sock of skin /

down an impala’s stick-leg penciling skyward