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June 2016

He doesn’t talk much about his life in Sri Lanka before the war, only after, as if in 1983 when everything ended for some Sri Lankan Tamils is when his life begins.

Blood at the Root

April 2015

The Sri Lankan-American novelist on Sri Lanka’s brutal history and grappling with the right to tell the story of the country she left behind.

Narrating Crisis in Sri Lanka

February 2015

Humanitarian efforts may alleviate the pain, but do they stop the political strife that leaves victims bleeding?

Meara Sharma & Henry Peck: A Non-Place by the Sea

December 2014

When a storm destroyed Dhanushkodi, the government ordered it emptied. Fifty years later, we meet the people who stayed.

Sri Lanka: Beyond an Uncivil Season. With Leslie Jamison, Rohini Mohan, and more

October 2014

Enjoy Sri Lankan food and hear four great authors discuss one big question: What happens in the aftermath of a three-decade long war?

Rohini Mohan: “Prachanai” (Trouble) in Sri Lanka, Past and Present

October 2014

Aditi Sriram talks with the author of 'The Seasons of Trouble' about the five years it took her to write about Sri Lanka post-civil war, and whether the 'trouble' is really over.

Soldier Girl

October 2014

Looking back on a fifteen-year career as a Tamil Tiger.

Out of Bounds

August 2013

Censorship and freedom of speech in Sri Lanka, India, China, Burma, and England.

The Grease Devil Is Not Real

June 2012

An old wives’ tale returns, revealing post-war Sri Lanka.


By Hasanthika Sirisena guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010
As Sunil stood in his backyard staring at the carcass of the small unidentifiable animal—a cross between a rat and a Chihuahua—he realized he was missing something important.

Adele Barker: Jaffna Rebuilds: After the Tsunami in Sri Lanka

January 2010 After the war and after the tsunami, Jaffna, Sri Lanka is ready for peace.

Jesse’s Story

By Ru S. Freeman
January 2009

I watch the color as she moves, carrying all of him in her form as if she knows. Stopping before a photograph, she meets my brother for the first time. Propped, he is supported by a slim frame of wood, reduced to a single moment in a four inch by six inch frame, laughing.