Tag: suicide

The Edge

May 2015

She studied her face, looking for any change. A bad person. A cheat. A lesbian. A cheating, barren lesbian.

Sarah Beth Childers: Portraits within Portraits

April 2015

A family held together by a photo frame.

Robert Reich: Empathy Deficit Disorder

October 2014

Suicide is a terrible tragedy for those driven to it and for their loved ones. What possessed Congressman Young to turn it into a political football?

A Brave Pilot From the New China

April 2014

For many years I had thought about my father’s suicide, about his various possible suicides.

The Chemistry of an Echo

April 2014

On the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, investigating copycat suicide and the lasting influence of the Nirvana icon.

Mark Brazaitis: Suicide Epidemic Isn’t Only the Stuff of My Fiction

October 2013

One writer’s fictions overlap, alarmingly, with reality.

The Bridge and the Water

September 2013

Suicide survivors on the uncanny allure of the Golden Gate.

Richard Falk: U.S. Military Suicides and Palestinian Hunger Strikes

June 2012

What do the suicides of U.S. military personnel have in common with the food strikes put on by Palestinian detainees?

Girls on Ice

June 2011

I was in the bathroom stall at the Armenian chicken place in Anaheim when I overheard Sarah say to her even more annoying friend Abeer at the mirror, where they were both putting on gobs of makeup, “I’m just going to kill myself, habibti, if I don’t make the triple axel at the championships next month.”

There Is Hope – Make the Call

April 2011 I had hoped… for what? A game of Scrabble on the way down, or to get married, or at the very least to link hands with a serendipitous octet of fellow self-murderers–the drop had certainly looked big enough for such skydiving antics.