Tag: Supreme Court

Lauren Kirchner: Wisconsin Court: Warning Labels Are Needed for Scores Rating Defendants’ Risk of Future Crime

July 2016

The court said judges can look at the scores – so long as their limitations are made clear.

David Morris: A Long (and Still Unfinished) Road to Democracy

March 2016

Women, blacks and men without property once could not vote. Here are the next steps to make America fair.

Nina Martin: A Showdown Year for Reproductive Rights

January 2016

Two potentially sweeping Supreme Court cases set the stage for a seismic shift in the battle over abortion and contraception

Elizabeth Adams: Romantic Dissonance

July 2015

Contradictions in the language of love and law.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Housing Discrimination, the Supreme Court’s Latest Race Case

January 2015

Many fear a Texas case could gut the landmark Fair Housing Act.

Judge Orders NYPD to Release Records on X-ray Vans

January 2015

The NYPD has a secretive program that uses unmarked vans with X-ray machines designed to detect bombs.

Nina Martin: Pregnancy Discrimination Case Reaches Supreme Court

December 2014

Here’s some preparatory reading for the latest gender rights fight.

Robert Reich: An Election Day Carol

November 2014

“I am Election Day Present,” says the apparition, "and you must come with me."

Lou Dubose: Once Again, the Court Serves the GOP

October 2014

The Roberts Court's willful ignorance is breathtaking.

Rachel Riederer: Celebrate Corporate Personhood!

July 2014

An address to mark the Freedom Summer of the corporate civil rights movement.

Robert Reich: The Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power

April 2014

The Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision exacerbates a preexisting vicious cycle.

Robert Reich: A Time for Harry Reid’s Backbone

May 2013

A president’s court picks shouldn’t require sixty Senate votes.

Anna Vodicka: There’s a Train a’Comin’

March 2013

As the Supreme Court prepares to conference on same-sex marriage, a phonebanker reflects on hip-hop lyrics, missionary work, and what a conversation has to do to change a mind.

Robert Reich: The Morality Brigade

March 2013

The right regulates the bedroom before the banks.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Another Race Case for a Hostile Supreme Court

March 2013

The court might well have opted to undo the fabric of race-conscious laws and policies thread by thread.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: A Colorblind Constitution

March 2013

What Abigail Fisher’s affirmative action case is really about.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: How the Supreme Court Could Scuttle Critical Fair Housing Rule

February 2013

The court's review of a key concept used to enforce the 1968 Fair Housing Act could be a major setback for housing rights advocates.

Suevon Lee: The Other Crucial Civil Rights Case the Supreme Court Will be Ruling On

December 2012

We're all hearing about the gay marriage case, but the Supreme Court is set to rule on a key piece of voting access legislation.

David Morris: What Will Happen to Equal Protection Under the Law?

October 2012

The Supreme Court is poised to decide major issues like voting rights and marriage equality.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: The John Roberts Head Fake

July 2012

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare obscures the ruling’s other, deeply conservative result: a road-map for gutting Congressional power.

Robert Reich: Patriotism

July 2012

There are two competing visions of patriotism in America today.

Robert Reich: Roberts’ Switch

June 2012

Why did Chief Justice Roberts choose to uphold the Affordable Care Act, alone amongst Republican appointees?

Robert Reich: Why the Supreme Court Will Uphold the Constitutionality of Obamacare

June 2012

Robert Reich predicts that the Supreme Court will come down six to three in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Robert Reich: A Back Door to the Public Option

June 2012

Many have said a Supreme Court strike-down of the individual mandate could be the end of Obamacare, but it might be what's needed to revive the public option.

Robert Reich: Why the Public’s Growing Disdain for the Supreme Court May Help Obamacare

June 2012

Less than half of Americans believe that the Supreme Court is doing a good job. Here's what that may mean.