Tag: surveillance

Family Photographs

October 2016

The New York Film Festival presents Errol Morris on Elsa Dorfman and Petra Epperlein with Michael Tucker on the Stasi files.

Surveillance Revisited

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The ICP curator on urban panopticons, humans as data, and the selfie.

ProPublica: Here’s Why the Close Collaboration Between the NSA and AT&T Matters

August 2015

New disclosures about the National Security Agency’s partnership with AT&T could reignite constitutional challenges to the spy agency’s efforts to wiretap the Internet.

Hina Shamsi and Matthew Harwood: Databases of Suspicion

November 2014

Uncovering a shadow form of national ID.

Tom Engelhardt: Failure Is Success

October 2014

How American intelligence works in the 21st century.

Pull Back to Reveal

October 2014

American Empires: The privacy advocate and legal advisor to Edward Snowden on today’s surveillance empire.

Sisi Wei: Disappearing Voices and Supporting Russia

September 2014

The Russian government’s efforts to silence critics is getting help from an unlikely source: a San Francisco-based blogging company.

Jeff Larson and Mike Tigas: Leaked Docs Show Spyware Used to Snoop on U.S. Computers

August 2014

Leaked files reveal surveillance of U.S. computers carried out by a private company.

Todd Miller: They Are Watching You

April 2014

The national security state and the U.S.-Mexican border.

Tom Engelhardt: Documenting Darkness

February 2014

How a thug state operates.

Alfred McCoy: Surveillance and Scandal

January 2014

NSA surveillance isn't just about security. It's about blackmail.

Peter Van Buren: We Have to Destroy Our Constitution to Save It

January 2014

Debunking ten myths about NSA surveillance.

Pratap Chatterjee: Hollywood Without the Happy Ending

December 2013

How the intelligence community in America fails to achieve the success of its fictonal counterpart.

Tom Engelhardt: Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence

November 2013

In today's global surveillance state, American moles aren't spying for a foreign power, but for us.

Tom Engelhardt: The Etiquette of War and Surveillance

October 2013

Colonel Manners demystifies national security etiquette for the masses.

Pratap Chatterjee: The Data Hackers

October 2013

When the FBI hires hackers and hacking tools, it’s because they don’t have any other choice.

Raymond Bonner: How A Telecom Helped the Government Spy on Me

October 2013

As early as 2004, an unnamed telecommunications company—identified in documents only as Company A—helped the FBI spy on New York Times reporters.

Heather Smith: Secrets

August 2013

On Chelsea Manning and the prices of disclosure.

Kara Brandeisky: Before Obama was President

August 2013

As a senator, Obama supported strong controls on surveillance. As president, not so much..

Peter Van Buren: Welcome to Post-Constitution America

August 2013

What if your country begins to change and no one notices?

Kara Brandeisky: Six Ways Congress May Reform NSA Snooping

July 2013

A measure to end one NSA program was just defeated in the House by a surprisingly narrow margin. Here are other proposals on the table.

Justin Elliott: Does the NSA Tap That?

July 2013

What we still don’t know about the agency’s internet surveillance.

Rajkamal Kahlon: A Time for Breaking Laws

July 2013

An intervew with the Jameel Jaffer, the Director of the ACLU's Center for Democracy, about surveillance, privacy, and the importance of "meta data."

Rebecca Solnit: Prometheus Among the Cannibals

July 2013

A letter to Edward Snowden

Tom Engelhardt: The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)

July 2013

Vocabulary for life in the surveillance state.

Trevor Paglen: Turnkey Tyranny, Surveillance and the Terror State

June 2013

We’re not moving toward a surveillance state; we live in the heart of one.

Theodoric Meyer and Peter Maass: No Warrant, No Problem

June 2013

How the government can get your digital data.

Tom Engelhardt: The Making of a Global Security State

June 2013

The five uncontrollable urges of a secrecy-surveillance world.

Christie Thompson: The Best Stories on the Government’s Growing Surveillance

June 2013

What we know about what the government knows.

Todd Miller: Living in a Constitution-Free Zone

February 2013

Drones, surveillance towers, malls of the spy state, and the national security police on the northern border.

Due Process, Imminent Threat

December 2012

From electronic surveillance to drone strikes to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, the writer, lawyer, and advocate anticipates the most pressing issues of the next four years.

Linda Sarsour: Surveillance and the City

August 2012

The director of the Arab Association of New York talks with Meaghan Winter about mosque monitoring, civil liberties, and kids asking 'why do they hate us?'

Megha Rajagopalan: How Many Millions of Cellphones Are Police Watching?

July 2012

No one knows for sure why or how many cell phone records have been picked up, or whether it's fully legal.

Josh Dratel: Updates in the War on Civilian Privacy

May 2012

With surveillance cameras on every corner and our smartphones tracking our every move, we've entered a new era of the war on civilian privacy.