Tag: Tackle Tax Havens

Taxcast: Transparency Measures and JFK the Tax Reformer

December 2013

On pariah states attempting to wreck global transparency measures and how Kennedy tried to tackle tax havens.

Taxcast: “Britzerland,” Google and Apple in Court, and How Secrecy Kills

May 2013

Google and Apple are forced to defend their tax affairs in public, the Lord of War makes an appearance, and more.

Taxcast: G20-Endorsed Transparency and the End of Secrecy for Sale

April 2013

‘Offshore leaks’ blows the lid off secrecy for sale.

Taxcast: Trouble in Cyprus, a Tax-haven Shake Up in the U.K., and a Tax Inspector Speaks Out

March 2013

The crisis in Cyprus and the risk tax havens pose to the global economy, a surprise earthquake for UK-affiliated tax havens and a frustrated corporate tax inspector speaks out on the corrupting of the tax system.

Taxcast: French Banks, Taxing the Digital Economy, and the OECD

February 2013

In February’s Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network: Transparency for French banks, taxing the digital economy, and more.

Taxcast: Corporate Responsibility, Prosecuting the Banks, and Stopping Tax System Abuse

December 2012

In December's Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network: going after the banks, examining Starbucks' offers to pay, and rating corporations based on responsible practices.

TaxCast: No Tax Havens in Helsinki, Starbucks Joins the Roll of Dishonor, and Following the Money

October 2012

Helsinki declares itself a tax haven-free zone, Starbucks joins the tax avoidance Roll of Dishonor, and we follow the money: asset recovery, dictators, and the selling of secrecy.

TaxCast: The ABCs of Apple, Arab Spring Property, and Letterbox Companies

March 2012

The latest in a series of podcasts on international tax news.

TaxCast: The Nature of Risk

February 2012
  The latest in international tax news: bankers’ mega bonuses and Facebook’s move to Ireland.