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Tana Wojczuk: The Vanity of Crowds

August 2016

Shakespeare warned against treating democracy as a popularity contest.

Tana Wojczuk: On Shakespeare

June 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead? Sex, Class, and Comedy.

Tana Wojczuk: The Riddle of Trevor Nunn’s Pericles

March 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead?:A production of Shakespeare’s Pericles offers both promise and frustration.

Tana Wojczuk: Shakespeare on the Frontier

February 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead?: A cultural inferiority complex leads to a quirky vision of the Bard.

Tana Wojczuk: The Good Wife–Hillary Clinton as Lady Macbeth

January 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead? Along with First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, there’s one other title she just can’t seem to be rid of.

Tana Wojczuk: Gone Girl, Bluebeard, and the Meaning of Marriage

October 2014

A response to Elif Batuman’s “Marriage is an Abduction.”

Tana Wojczuk: Mitt Romney as Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

November 2012

In the aftermath of Sandy, it's time to reevaluate what it means to be dependent on government.

Gender Gap

September 2012

Hanna Rosin’s controversial new book proclaims the "end of men." But what about the women?

Editors’ Picks: September Recommended Reading

September 2012

Our editors highlight some worthy books to start off the fall.

Street Art and the New Bohemian: A conversation with Eric Drooker and Molly Crabapple

July 2012

The two visual artists on the gravitas needed to make protest art, the rhetoric and representations of the Occupy movement, and how to seduce an audience by grabbing them by the eyeballs.

What Money Can’t Buy

May 2012

Michael Sandel on a society where everything could be up for sale.

Strangers in the Dark: Tana Wojczuk Interviews John Guare

March 2012

American Playwright John Guare on Tennessee Williams, writing strong dialog, and discovering a New Orleans lost in history.

Tana Wojczuk: Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster Foretold In 1976

March 2012

The origins of the problems at Fukushima are far older and far more sinister.