Tag: Tax Havens

Taxcast: Swiss Redistribution and a David and Goliath Story

October 2013

In October’s taxcast, Swiss villagers shift a mining giant’s profits to humanitarian projects.

Taxcast: Development Money, Gibraltar, and Carbon Taxes

September 2013

In this month's Taxcast: Why development money gets routed through tax havens and a look at under-reported elements of the confrontation over Gibraltar.

Taxcast: How to Stop Corporate Tax Evasion

July 2013

Ideas on how to hold corporations accountable from the OECD, Japan, Mexico, and others.

Taxcast: The G8 Summit Takes on Tax Havens

June 2013

While the world waits for reform, the Taxcast looks at how some countries are finding creative ways around the current global tax system.

Taxcast: “Britzerland,” Google and Apple in Court, and How Secrecy Kills

May 2013

Google and Apple are forced to defend their tax affairs in public, the Lord of War makes an appearance, and more.

Robert Reich: Global Capital and the Nation State

May 2013

Global corporations are holding governments and citizens up for ransom.

Taxcast: G20-Endorsed Transparency and the End of Secrecy for Sale

April 2013

‘Offshore leaks’ blows the lid off secrecy for sale.

Taxcast: Trouble in Cyprus, a Tax-haven Shake Up in the U.K., and a Tax Inspector Speaks Out

March 2013

The crisis in Cyprus and the risk tax havens pose to the global economy, a surprise earthquake for UK-affiliated tax havens and a frustrated corporate tax inspector speaks out on the corrupting of the tax system.

TaxCast: No Tax Havens in Helsinki, Starbucks Joins the Roll of Dishonor, and Following the Money

October 2012

Helsinki declares itself a tax haven-free zone, Starbucks joins the tax avoidance Roll of Dishonor, and we follow the money: asset recovery, dictators, and the selling of secrecy.

Khadija Sharife: FIFA’s Love of Tax Havens

July 2010 Although the Swiss parliament has allowed FIFA to keep their non-profit status, the international soccer organization will certainly be cashing in during the 2010 World Cup, thanks to the set of financial conditions that they impose upon all host countries