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Robert Reich: An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment

March 2016

How much longer can big business enjoy the spoils of Republican policies?

David Cay Johnston: One Nation Divided by Wealth

December 2014

Inequality isn’t natural: it’s the result of government policy.

David Morris: Republicans Wreck Their Own Principles on Highways

August 2014

It's fine to slash Medicare, mail delivery, and student aid, just don't make drivers pay for roads.

Robert Reich: Anti-Inequality Legislation

April 2014

Raising taxes on corporations that pay their CEOs royally and treat their workers like serfs.

Robert Reich: The Great U-Turn

March 2014

Reversing America's great U-turn.

David Morris: Republican Principles Depend on What’s Best for the Rich

January 2014

A stark look at class warfare in Congress.

Kim Barker: ‘America Is Not Stupid’ Wins IRS Recognition as Tax-Exempt Nonprofit

October 2013

The group spent over $125,000 on election campaigns in 2012, but that was not enough for the IRS to deny their application.

David Morris: The Tea Party Targets Public Libraries

August 2013

In Kentucky, even a $1 annual tax hike is too much for anti-government activists.

Robert Reich: Stop Subsidizing Sky-High CEO Pay

July 2013

It is time we reexamined the tax subsidy to corporate executives.

Robert Reich: Who to Tax, Polluters or Students?

July 2013

Why Republican congressmen want to tax college students to pay down the deficit.

Taxcast: The G8 Summit Takes on Tax Havens

June 2013

While the world waits for reform, the Taxcast looks at how some countries are finding creative ways around the current global tax system.

Robert Reich: Lessons from the World of Tax Avoidance

May 2013

How nations can negotiate with global capital.

Kim Barker & Justin Elliott: Six Facts Lost in the IRS Scandal

May 2013

Amid the outrage, the big picture of social welfare nonprofits is easily forgotten.

Robert Reich: The Hollowing Out of Government

May 2013

When Republicans can’t repeal laws they don’t like, they hollow them out, deny funds to fully implement them, and reduce funds to enforce them.

Robert Reich: Why This is the Worst Recovery on Record

April 2013

Wages keep dropping and government debt keeps growing. Simply arguing "more" won’t cut it.

Liz Day & Justin Elliott: Republicans and Dems Come Together

April 2013

To keep the IRS from competing with TurboTax.

Robert Reich: Selling the Store

March 2013

Why Democrats shouldn’t put Social Security and Medicare on the table.

Robert Reich: Ryan the Redistributionist

March 2013

Paul Ryan's budget proposal sends wealth straight to the top of the economic hierarchy.

Robert Reich: Sequestration Nation, and Remembering Robert Kennedy

March 2013

Politics today is still a fight for social justice.

Taxcast: French Banks, Taxing the Digital Economy, and the OECD

February 2013

In February’s Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network: Transparency for French banks, taxing the digital economy, and more.

Andy Robinson: In Defense of Taxes

January 2013

Even if they cut into charitable giving.

David Vine: Picking Up a $170 Billion Tab

December 2012

How U.S. taxpayers are paying the Pentagon to occupy the planet.

Robert Reich: Organizing McDonalds and Walmart, and Why Austerity Economics Hurts Low-Wage Workers the Most

December 2012

Low-income workers will face even harder times if deficit hawks have their way.

Robert Reich: The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain

November 2012

The administration should aim high when it begins its negotiations on deficit reduction.

Robert Reich: The Next Game of Economic Chicken

November 2012

The election hasn't put an end to the wrangling over taxes and spending in Washington.

TaxCast: No Tax Havens in Helsinki, Starbucks Joins the Roll of Dishonor, and Following the Money

October 2012

Helsinki declares itself a tax haven-free zone, Starbucks joins the tax avoidance Roll of Dishonor, and we follow the money: asset recovery, dictators, and the selling of secrecy.

Robert Reich: How January’s Fiscal Cliff Turns Into a Gentle Hill by February

October 2012

The so-called fiscal cliff might not turn out as dramatic as we imagine.

Mattea Kramer: Tough Talk for America

October 2012

A guide to the presidential debates you won't be hearing.

Robert Reich: The Real Mitt Revealed

September 2012

What Mitt Romney's 47-percent comment means.

Robert Reich: The Biggest Economic Challenge of Obama’s Second Term

September 2012

The debate on the campaign trail has focused on Obama's past economic policies, but the real question is what will be done after January.

TaxCast: Capital Flight in Africa and Europe, Usain Bolt’s Taxes, and Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on Inequality

August 2012

Capital flight in Africa and now in Europe, Olympian Usain Bolt fails to champion his tax affairs, and Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on tax and inequality.

TaxCast: HSBC’s Culture of Entitlement, Norway’s New Regulations, and Offshore Accounts

July 2012

In July's TaxCast, a discussion of why there have been no HSBC prosecutions, the unanticipated size of offshore accounts, Norway's new regulations, and more.

Robert Reich: The Truth About Obama’s Tax Proposal

July 2012

There's the media portraying President Obama's tax proposal, and then there's the real thing.

Robert Reich: Why We Have To Raise Taxes on the Rich

June 2012

President Clinton's recent comments on the Bush tax cuts have set off another fight over taxes and spending.

Robert Reich: Thoughts on Tax Day 2012

April 2012

Robert Reich on why being a class worrier is nothing to be ashamed of.

Robert Reich: Why a Fair Economy Is Not Incompatible with Growth but Essential to It

April 2012

Robert Reich on how economic fairness encourages growth, not stifles it.

On the Fly: Robert Reich

April 2011 The former Secretary of Labor on the Great Recession, class warfare, and why President Obama must challenge right-wing distortions with a counter-narrative.