Tag: technology

Distant Brains

March 2016

Future of Language: Scientists are experimenting with ways for people to communicate using only their minds. But at what cost?

Lauren Kirchner: Your Smart Home Knows a Lot About You

October 2015

A data scientist’s experiment reveals surprising information about interconnected smart devices

Ava Kofman: Will Virtual Reality Make Us Feel Better?

September 2015

Empathy and immersion in virtual worlds.

Erica Berry: The Instafam’s Table

September 2015

A journey towards cold, hard, shiny food.

Robert Reich: The “iEverything” and the Redistributional Imperative

March 2015

New technologies aren’t just labor-replacing. They’re also knowledge-replacing.

Sisi Wei: Disappearing Voices and Supporting Russia

September 2014

The Russian government’s efforts to silence critics is getting help from an unlikely source: a San Francisco-based blogging company.

Jay Walljasper: Squashing Municipal Broadband

July 2014

Why are state legislatures and congressional Republicans objecting to municipal broadband networks?

Astra Taylor: Open Systems and Glass Ceilings

April 2014

The disappearing woman and life on the internet.

Charles Ornstein: Ad Endorsing da Vinci Robot Violated U of Illinois Policies

March 2014

When surgical team members endorsed the robot in an ad, controversy ensued.

Robert Reich: Inequality, Productivity, and WhatsApp

February 2014

What it means for Facebook to acquire a 55-person company for $19 billion.

Rebecca Solnit: Resisting Monoculture

January 2014

A response to Grist: It's not about the buses, or, why San Franciscans don't love Silicon Valley.

Tom Engelhardt: Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence

November 2013

In today's global surveillance state, American moles aren't spying for a foreign power, but for us.

Cora Currier: Drone Makers Gather to Defend Their Much-Maligned Machines

October 2013

A dispatch from the conference of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

Pratap Chatterjee: The Data Hackers

October 2013

When the FBI hires hackers and hacking tools, it’s because they don’t have any other choice.

Christopher Calabrese and Matthew Harwood: Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone

September 2013

The NSA isn’t the only government agency exploiting technology to make privacy obsolete.

Thomas Larson: Writing Seen, Writing Spoken

August 2013

E-readers, texting, book trailers, and Twitter are not only changing the possibilities for writing, but also what it means to be a writer.

Idra Novey and Andrew Zawacki: Courting Influxes

July 2013

A conversation between poets about writing place, time, technology, and transformation.

Lisa Germano: Apathy and the Devil

May 2013

The singer-songwriter talks with Dave Evans about her new label, the “protest album,” and her cats.

Lois Beckett: Voter Information Wars

April 2013

Will the GOP team up with Wal-Mart’s data specialist?

Re-imagining Dissent

March 2013

The Nation columnist and law professor on dissent, privatization, and the future of racial equity.

Emily Jacobi: Hacking for Haiti

February 2013

The co-founder of Digital Democracy on how activists can use technology to respond to problems—from natural disasters to violence against women.

Rachel Signer: Consider the Tweet

January 2013

How should the writer respond to social media?

Pocket Poets

December 2012

The professor and critic turns to technology explosions past—think typewriters, gramophones, and radios—to map the modern intersections of information and art.

Clive Thompson: The Folding Game

November 2012

The info-sharing of early arcade game enthusiasts mimicked the scientific method. Now, video games and collective intelligence could change the way we approach science, shared problems, and school.

The Limits of Communication

October 2012

Political theorist Jodi Dean probes the contradictions and traps of nonstop information.

Lewis H. Lapham: Magic and the Machine

June 2012

The ascension of science in so many facets of our everyday lives has not sparked a revitalization of belief in the power of reason.

Nick Turse: A Drone-Eat-Drone World

May 2012

Drone technology has long been touted as the future of warfare, but should we believe the hype?