Tag: terrorism

Nadja Spiegelman: Growing up in the Age of Terror

July 2016

A teenage girl refuses to give into the fear created by recent terrorist attacks in France.

Sebastian Rotella: ISIS via WhatsApp

July 2016

A trove of communications from ISIS plots and activity in Europe reveals a mix of direct control and improvisation and shows the crucial importance of encrypted messaging tools. “Detonate your belt in the crowds,” one message declared.

Raad Rahman: Psychotic Breaks Have Become a Race Privilege

June 2016

The consequences of undermining mental health needs for the ‘war on terror.’

Rich Eyes and Poor Hands

June 2016

The Future of Cities: In the aftermath of the most recent attacks in Paris, the writer considers a city wavering between gravity and light.

A.C. Thompson: Collateral Damage: Decades Later, a Suicide Can Be Added to Domestic Terror Campaign’s Toll

May 2016

Before killing himself in Houston in 1988, Pham Dang Cuong was targeted by a violent anti-Communist group of former South Vietnamese military officers, according to interviews and records.

Lauren Kirchner: What’s the Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much

March 2016

Officials are again pointing to the need for mass surveillance to take down terrorists. Here's what we know about how well it works.

Selin Gökcesu: On Ankara

March 2016

When a bombing hits home.

Karan Mahajan: On Small Bombings

March 2016

Ross Perlin Interviews Karan Mahajan

Jonathan Lee: Characters on the Outer Edges

March 2016

Kyle Lucia Wu interviews Jonathan Lee about his latest novel

David Cohen: The Abortion Clinic is a War Zone

December 2015

Nina Martin speaks with law professor, David Cohen, about the daily struggles of abortion providers

The Book Lady of Kabul

December 2015

Block by block she maneuvers through the teeming sidewalks of Kabul’s Shar-E-Naw shopping district until she enters Ice-Milk Restaurant, stops at tables.

Raad Rahman: Will I Die a Muslim?

November 2015

The repercussions of being Muslim after the Paris Attacks

The Sum of Small Acts

August 2015

They agreed to unspoken rules. Broken windows were OK. Broken bones were fair game. Graffiti was acceptable, as were rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Boy Jihadi

August 2015

For a year or more before the six months that we spent preoccupied with our strange visitor, counterterrorism was our spiritual life.

Matthew Harwood: The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap

February 2015

The fear of lone-wolf terrorism rises.

Andrew J. Bacevich: Malarkey on the Potomac

November 2014

Five bedrock Washington assumptions that are hot air.

Tom Engelhardt: ISIS in Washington

October 2014

America’s soundtrack of hysteria.

Avi Asher-Schapiro: Obama’s Elephant Gun

September 2014

Is the US attacking ISIS to avoid looking the fool?

Geoff Watkinson: What We Lost

September 2014

On teaching 9/11.

Tom Engelhardt: How America Made ISIS

September 2014

Their videos and ours, their “caliphate” and ours.

Hanqing Chen: Reporting on the Federal Push to Militarize Local Police

August 2014

A few facts you might have missed about the flow of military equipment and tactics to local law enforcement.

Ali Dayan Hasan: The Wrong Kind of Pakistani

April 2014

On the invention of “the liberal extremist” and the attempted assassination of a friend.

Justin Elliott and Theodoric Meyer: Claim of “Attacks Thwarted” by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence

October 2013

The oft-cited number is 54, but there’s no evidence that it is accurate.

Richard Falk: The Westgate Mall Massacre & the Rage of Fanaticism

September 2013

How does truth inform genocide, and vice versa?

Cora Currier: Gitmo Soldiers Get 9/11 Lessons

August 2013

The U.S. military's lessons in recent history.

Sebastian Rotella: The Terror Threat and Iran’s Inroads in Latin America

July 2013

Chavez is dead and Ahmadinejad is out of office, but the ties that bind Venezuela and Iran are still strong.

Victoria Brittain: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

June 2013

How to pre-convict and pre-punish an American Muslim.

Tom Engelhardt: Terracide and the Terrarists

May 2013

Destroying the planet for record profits.

Sebastian Rotella: How Hezbollah Trained an Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists

April 2013

Hezbollah's recent activity casts doubt on its relationship with Europe.

Robert Reich: The Xenophobe Party

April 2013

Can we just get a grip? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a naturalized American citizen.

Sebastian Rotella: Terror Group Recruits From Pakistan’s ‘Best and Brightest’

April 2013

Lashkar-e-Taiba is an institution well-embedded in Pakistani Society.

Cora Currier: A Public Indictment Could Shed Light on CIA’s Secret Program

March 2013

What happened to the victims of the US secret prisons and extraordinary renditions?

Victoria Brittain: Shadow Lives

March 2013

England's war on terror has become a war on women and children.

Mattea Kramer & Chris Hellman: “Homeland Security”

March 2013

The Trillion-Dollar Concept That No One Can Define

Cora Currier: Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

February 2013

What constitutes 'necessary and appropriate force'?

Tom Engelhardt: The American Lockdown State

February 2013

Post-Legal drones, the Bin Laden tax, and other wonders of our American world.

Sebastian Rotella: Judge Gives American 35 Years for Plotting Deadly Mumbai Terror Attack

January 2013

David Coleman Headley's testimony against Pakistan's intelligence agency helped him avoid the death penalty.

Cora Currier: Cutting Through the Controversy about Indefinite Detention and the NDAA

December 2012

Everything you need to know about Congress and the NDAA.

Noam Chomsky Comments on the “Kill List”

June 2012

Guernica Editor in Chief Joel Whitney tracked down Noam Chomsky to get his opinion on the President's recently revealed 'kill list.'

Dilip Hiro: Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride

April 2012

Dilip Hiro describes how the Pakistani government has outmaneuvered Washington to the tune of several billion dollars.

Remains of the Day

September 2011 A New York City mother and Port Authority executive recalls the worst day of her life and the aftermath for herself, her colleagues, and her family. From a new oral history of September 11.

Wolf in the Heart

September 2010 The historian and departing Newsweek editor on how he (like Remnick and Keller) caught war fever after 9/11, the obsession with being a man, and how his dad glowed in Navy whites.

Jose Padilla? Indict Him Already

August 2005 Newman discusses Padilla's case, his state of mind and why the Bush administration's position sets an ugly precedent.