Tag: Texas

Nina Martin: A Spike in Rates of Pregnancy-related Deaths in Texas Spurs Soul-searching

August 2016

Two new reports show maternal deaths and severe complications rose as the state slashed funding for family planning, but researchers and state officials say more information is needed to understand the trend.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Gimme a Break! IRS Tax Loophole Can Reward Excessive Water Use in Drought-stricken West

August 2016

Experts fear tax deductions for water use as a “depleted asset” could actually worsen the crisis as rivers and reservoirs dry up.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: The strange legal marriage of the anti-choice movement and campaign finance

July 2016

The same jerks after your uterus are shooting down campaign rules; one tactic just backfired.

On Mercy

October 2015

Reconciling a death sentence, from a pediatric cancer ward to death row.

Robert Reich: State of Disaster

June 2015

As extreme weather marked by tornadoes and flooding continues to sweep across Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has requested–and President Obama has granted–federal help.

Nina Martin: Seven Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015

January 2015

Changes for abortion, contraception and more top the agenda with Republicans in the majority in Congress and many state legislatures.

Lou Dubose: Once Again, the Court Serves the GOP

October 2014

The Roberts Court's willful ignorance is breathtaking.

Fiery Appetites

September 2014

The novelist and reproductive rights advocate on motherhood, sex, and the sensuality of restaurant life.

Going Through Customs

June 2014

The Chicana filmmaker on documenting a debutante ball in honor of George Washington’s birthday in Laredo, Texas, and adopting the Mexican-American border as her "muse.”

Anna Vodicka: Don’t Mess With the Other Texas

May 2014

Rick Perry visits the new Pacific Theater.

Ananda Rose: The Journey of Bones

February 2014

The struggle to handle migrants’ remains in South Texas.

Maurice Chammah: Blue Star State

November 2013

Wendy Davis’s filibuster becomes a book, a performance piece, the origin story of a new political star, and a symbol of change in a maybe-not-so-red Texas.

The Effects of the Rio Grande Valley on a Scholarship Boy

September 2013

Revisiting Brownsville, Texas.

Paul Kiel: To Dodge Law, High-Cost Lender Offers Cash for Free

September 2013

Unethical, unconscionable, legal: predatory lenders keep people in debt indefinitely.

William deBuys: Field Notes From a Drying West

July 2013

There simply isn’t enough water to go around.

Ed Winstead: Parliamentary Inquiry

July 2013

In the age of K Street, soft money, and safe seats, it's tempting to abandon our political institutions and shout down our opponents. Here's why we shouldn't.

Rachel Riederer: Texas Hold Up

June 2013

A play-by-play of Wendy Davis’s filibuster, and why it made such great, heartening, and depressing absurdity TV.

Theodoric Meyer: What Went Wrong in West, Texas

April 2013

And Where Were the Regulators?

Chad Wys: Artist’s Playlist

September 2012

Artist Chad Wys gives us a peek into the music he listens to while he works.

The Messy Business of Tacos

July 2012

Unwrapping the history of Mexico's real national snack uncovers classism, dynamite, and shifting definitions of culture.

Science Be Damned

June 2012

How Texas managed to export its energy policy to the rest of America.