Tag: The Kiss

The Evolution of a Kiss

October 2016

The Kiss: Everything human has its animal origins.

Terrance Hayes: Half Fable

September 2016

The Kiss: A story about a giant, and a son's first kiss from his father.

Philip Metres: Kissing Joe F—

August 2016

The Kiss: Boys, basketball, and a disruptive act of brother-love.

Rebecca Makkai: Light Years

July 2016

The Kiss: A kiss on the lips that might as easily have been a kiss on the forehead.

Camille T. Dungy: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

July 2016

The Kiss: Three kisses, spaced out over a mother's life.

Kristen Radtke: The Greatest Show on Earth

June 2016

The Kiss: When the circus is in town and a monkey's kiss means a prize.

Beth Ann Fennelly: A Reckoning of Kisses

May 2016

The Kiss: A lot of different kisses, for very different reasons, that linger in the memory.

Kazim Ali: A Symphony in Rain

May 2016

The Kiss: A lyric meditation on a goodbye kiss.

Major Jackson: Where Scars Reside

April 2016

The Kiss: The observation of a kiss brings on a stream of memories.

Ilyse Kusnetz: The Secret Kiss

April 2016

The Kiss: A kiss brings relief amidst a struggle.

Patricia Smith: Bazooka Smackdown

March 2016

The Kiss: An unwanted embrace in a high school stairwell.

Kurt Brown & Laure-Anne Bosselaar: The Kiss I Would Have Spent on You

March 2016

The Kiss: A kiss transcends time, and poetry.

Kim Addonizio: Interlude

February 2016

The Kiss: Kissing strangers in the rain

Pico Iyer: The Kiss at Dawn

February 2016

The Kiss: In Damascus, a kiss runs even deeper than the heart

Aimee Nezhukumatathil: Notes on the Invisible Kiss

January 2016

The Kiss: What it means to be forever altered by a kiss you never saw.

Nick Flynn: The Last Kiss

January 2016

The Kiss: The first installment of the series features a fairy tale come to life, if only for a moment.

Brian Turner: The Kiss

January 2016

The Kiss: Introducing a new series on perhaps the most intimate of human interactions, in all its forms.