Tag: Theater

Joseph Huff-Hannon: Morning in Machine Gun America

June 2016

Exploring American gun culture and the thin line between fact and fiction.

Evgeny Belyakov: All the World’s a Stage

June 2016

Russian theater takes on the LGBT struggle.

Forget You’re Watching a Play

May 2016

The director of Eclipsed on bringing the first all-female production to Broadway.

Elettra Pauletto: Film, Theater and Human Trafficking

April 2016

An examination of the role art can play in combating human trafficking

Roslyn Bernstein: Mid-Century Modern Master Builder

April 2016

A production of the Ibsen play embraces an unorthodox space.

What If?

November 2015

The playwright and novelist on state censorship in Egypt, women in revolutions, and writing as an act of hope.

Notes for the Stage

June 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright on his relationship to Jewish artists, “the simple sense of being human,” and experiencing his work for the first time along with its audience.

Mirza Waheed: An Elegy Sung by Apparitions

January 2014

On the Djinns of Kashmir.

Abby Rabinowitz: Sex, Lies, and Young Women’s Theater

June 2012

A theater collection of teenage girls takes on child sex trafficking, and the challenges of portraying exploitation in art.

Writing Images

April 2012

From a new collection of playwright interviews, Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz on Lorca, American directors, and the cross he won’t bear.

Strangers in the Dark: Tana Wojczuk Interviews John Guare

March 2012

American Playwright John Guare on Tennessee Williams, writing strong dialog, and discovering a New Orleans lost in history.

The Last Occupy

March 2012

Occupy Northville has reached an impasse that only Death can solve.


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