Tag: Theodoric Meyer

New IRS Rules on Dark Money Delayed

January 2015

The IRS faces a number of hurdles before its new regulations for social welfare nonprofits can be finalized, including potential opposition from Congress.

Theodoric Meyer: Secret Donors, Some Super PACs & Midterm Millions

November 2014

Voters are left in the dark about where money is really coming from.

Theodoric Meyer: Senate to Take Up Longshot Amendment to Regulate Campaign Finance

May 2014

The Senate could soon consider a constitutional amendment that would give Congress and states the ability to limit money in politics, possibly reversing the effect of recent Supreme Court rulings.

What Happens When a Dark Money Group Blows Off IRS Rules

April 2014

The Government Integrity Fund spent most of its money on election ads, despite IRS rules prohibiting a social welfare nonprofit from doing so.

Kim Barker and Theodoric Meyer: Who Controls the Kochs’ Political Network?

March 2014

Obscure limited liability companies have ultimate say over the Koch network’s nonprofits, which spend hundreds of millions of dollars to advance conservative causes.

Theodoric Meyer and T. Christian Miller: Schumer Calls on Drug Makers to Add Safety Devices to Children’s Medicines Within a Year

January 2014

It's not just baby bottles, but safety bottles that keep a child safe.

Justin Elliott and Theodoric Meyer: Claim of “Attacks Thwarted” by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence

October 2013

The oft-cited number is 54, but there’s no evidence that it is accurate.

Theodoric Meyer: FEMA Wrongly Placing Homeowners in Flood Zones

July 2013

Your house may sit on top of a hill, but that doesn't mean you won't be forced to buy flood insurance.

Marian Wang and Theodoric Meyer: F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt

July 2013

A look at how much aid the US gives to Egypt, where the money goes, and who decides how it’s spent.

Theodoric Meyer and Peter Maass: No Warrant, No Problem

June 2013

How the government can get your digital data.

Theodoric Meyer: As Need for New Flood Maps Rises, Congress and Obama Cut Funding

May 2013

Congress has cut funding for updating flood maps by more than half since 2010, from $221 million down to $100 million this year.

Theodoric Meyer: Pay to Prescribe?

May 2013

Two dozen doctors named in Novartis kickback case.

Theodoric Meyer: What Went Wrong in West, Texas

April 2013

And Where Were the Regulators?

Theodoric Meyer: Under Obama, More Appointments Go Unfilled

February 2013

Why did 13 percent of appointed positions remain unfilled after the President's first term?

Theodoric Meyer: Do As We Say, Congress Says, Then Does What It Wants

February 2013

Federal law often falls short of regulating Congress itself.

Theodoric Meyer: How Bad Is Our Debt Problem, Anyway? And Will a Deal Fix It?

December 2012

The reality of America's debt crisis, and the likelihood that Washington can find a solution.