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Tom Engelhardt: The World After Me

July 2016

Eternal “Wartime” in America.

Tom Engelhardt: Where did the American Century go?

July 2016

Life on an increasingly improbable planet.

Tom Engelhardt: Washington’s Military Addiction

May 2016

And The Ruins Still to Come.

Tom Engelhardt: Failed States and States of Failure

January 2016

“We Destroyed the Cities to Save Them” and other future headlines

Tom Engelhardt: Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

January 2016

It’s time to panic!

Tom Engelhardt: Apocalypse When?

December 2015

Turning up the heat on history.

It’s a $cam!

November 2015

The American way of war in the 21st century.

Tom Engelhardt: The Fog of Intelligence

October 2015

With a massive intelligence program, the US is still caught off guard

Tom Engelhardt: Three Exceptional Facts About America

September 2015

It’s safe to be paranoid in the US.

Tom Engelhardt: What It Means When You Kill People On the Other Side of the Planet and No One Notices

August 2015

War, sunny side up, and the summer of slaughter (Vietnam and today).

Tom Engelhardt: Requiem for the Home Front

July 2015

A cheer for Irma the caricaturist.

Tom Engelhardt: Writing History Before It Happens

May 2015

Nine surefire future headlines from a bizarro American world.

Tom Engelhardt: Who Counts? Body Counts, Drones, and “Collateral Damage”

May 2015

Engelhardt weighs in on the consistent erasure of the casualties in the War on Terror.

Tom Engelhardt: The New American Order

March 2015

A new kind of governance is being born right before our eyes.

Tom Engelhardt: More and War

January 2015

Peace used to be part of the American political lexicon.

Tom Engelhardt: The Senate Drone Report of 2019

December 2014

The national security state "works," even if nothing it does works.

Tom Engelhardt: The War Party Ascendant

December 2014

Thirteen years after 9/11, the War Party is on the rise.

Tom Engelhardt: Psychoanalyzing Empire

November 2014

America on the couch.

Tom Engelhardt: The Pressure to Escalate

November 2014

The two horsemen of the American apocalypse.

Tom Engelhardt: Edward Snowden and the Golden Age of Spying

October 2014

An interview with director Laura Poitras.

Tom Engelhardt: ISIS in Washington

October 2014

America’s soundtrack of hysteria.

Tom Engelhardt: Failure Is Success

October 2014

How American intelligence works in the 21st century.

Tom Engelhardt: Power Drain

September 2014

The mystery of the 21st century in a helter-skelter world.

Tom Engelhardt: The Fourth Branch

August 2014

What the CIA clashes with the Senate Intelligence Committee reveal about the national security state.

Tom Engelhardt: The Age of Impunity

July 2014

What a moment it is! For the national security state and the corporate sector.

Tom Engelhardt: Who Won Iraq?

June 2014

Lost dreams, lost armies, jihadi states, and the arc of instability.

Tom Engelhard: The 95% Doctrine

May 2014

Is climate change a crime against humanity?

Tom Engelhardt: The Bermuda Triangle of National Security

April 2014

Old scripts and empty stories signal a new age."

Jonathan Schell: The More We ‘Won,’ the More We Lost

March 2014

A 2003 interview with the late great journalist about America’s Vietnam debacle.

Tom Engelhardt: Advice Too Secret To Ignore

March 2014

Col. Manners answers your questions on national security.

Tom Engelhardt: A New World Order

March 2014

What happened to war and the imperial drive to organize the planet?

Tom Engelhardt: Documenting Darkness

February 2014

How a thug state operates.

Tom Engelhardt: Ending the World the Human Way

February 2014

The story of all stories is barely in the news.

Tom Engelhardt: The Golden Age of Journalism?

January 2014

What if it's not a decline in (print) journalism, but a rebirth of new (new) journalism?

Tom Engelhardt: The American Way of Manners

December 2013

Move over, Dear Abby. Colonel Manners answers your questions on the etiquette of war, nuclear threats, and civilian surveillance.

Tom Engelhardt: Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence

November 2013

In today's global surveillance state, American moles aren't spying for a foreign power, but for us.

Tom Engelhardt: Why Washington Can’t Stop

October 2013

The coming era of tiny wars and micro-conflicts.

Tom Engelhardt: The Etiquette of War and Surveillance

October 2013

Colonel Manners demystifies national security etiquette for the masses.

Tom Engelhardt: Letter to an Unknown Whistleblower

September 2013

How the security state’s mania for secrecy will create you.

Tom Engelhardt: Teenagers in Space

August 2013

Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Rambo, Red Dawn, and how a tale of American triumphalism was returned to the child’s world.

Tom Engelhardt: The Secret History of G.I. Joe

August 2013

Barbie, Joe, Darth Vader, and warmaking in children’s culture.

Tom Engelhart: The Crime of the Century

August 2013

I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country–yours.

Tom Engelhardt: Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

July 2013

Living in a one-superpower world (or Edward Snowden vs. Robert Seldon Lady)

Tom Engelhardt: How to Be a Rogue Superpower

July 2013

No one's laughing in a global security state.

Tom Engelhardt: The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)

July 2013

Vocabulary for life in the surveillance state.

Tom Engelhardt: The Making of a Global Security State

June 2013

The five uncontrollable urges of a secrecy-surveillance world.

Tom Engelhardt: Just Begin

June 2013

A graduation day speech for the post-post-docs of life.

Tom Engelhardt: Terracide and the Terrarists

May 2013

Destroying the planet for record profits.

Tom Engelhardt: And Then There Was One

May 2013

Imperial gigantism and the decline of planet Earth.

Tom Engelhardt: Filling the Empty Battlefield

April 2013

A new book from Jeremy Scahill, America's blowback reporter.

Tom Engelhardt: The Enemy-Industrial Complex

April 2013

How to turn a world lacking in enemies into the most threatening place in the universe.

Tom Engelhardt: American Anniversaries from Hell

March 2013

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Tom Engelhardt: Where Is Everybody?

March 2013

Why it’s so tough to get your head around climate change.

Tom Engelhardt: Dumb and Dumber

February 2013

A secret CIA drone base, a blowback world, and why Washington has no learning curve.

Tom Engelhardt: The American Lockdown State

February 2013

Post-Legal drones, the Bin Laden tax, and other wonders of our American world.

Tom Engelhardt: The Pentagon as a Global NRA

January 2013

For Washington, there is no arms control abroad.

Tom Engelhardt: The U.S. Intelligence Community’s New Year’s Wish

January 2013

Megatrends, game-changers, black swans, tectonic shifts, and a world not that different from 2012.

Tom Engelhardt: The Barack Obama Story

December 2012

An open letter to the community organizer and Constitutional law professor who became a robot President.

Tom Engelhardt: The Mandate of Hell

November 2012

How not to change the world.

Tom Engelhardt: Democratic Mockpocalypse

October 2012

This year's presidential campaign is bigger and louder than anything we've ever seen before.

Tom Engelhardt: Overwrought Empire

October 2012

The discrediting of U.S. military power.

Tom Engelhardt: Obama Against the World

September 2012

Forget Mitt Romney, can the president make it to November 7?

Tom Engelhardt: Monopolizing War?

September 2012

War has become a sort of American monopoly--but the American people don't seem to know, or care.

Tom Engelhardt: The Best Laid Plans

August 2012

How quickly will the U.S. leave Afghanistan?

Tom Engelhardt: Mission Failure: Afghanistan

August 2012

A message written in blood that no one wants to hear.

Tom Engelhardt: The Military Solution

July 2012

A process of militarization is working its way through all facets of American government, and it's not likely to stop any time soon.

Tom Engelhardt: It Couldn’t Happen Here, It Does Happen There

June 2012

The value of American—and Afghan—lives.

Tom Engelhardt: Praying at the Church of St. Drone

June 2012

An unprecedented expansion of authority has created a new role for the president: Assassin-in-Chief.

Tom Engelhardt: America as a Shining Drone Upon a Hill

May 2012

On staring death in the face and not noticing.

Tom Engelhardt: The Afghan Syndrome

April 2012

Vietnam has left town, say "hello" to the new syndrome on the block.

Tom Engelhardt: Drone Warfare and the United States of Fear

April 2012

Anis Shivani interviews Tom Engelhardt, creator of TomDispatch, about how today's political leaders are leading us toward Soviet-era doublethink and decline.

Tom Engelhardt: The 0 Percent Doctrine

March 2012

Obama breaks new ground when it comes to war with Iran.

Tom Engelhardt: Kicking Down the World’s War

February 2012
 How drones, Special Operations Forces, and the U.S. Navy plan to end national sovereignty as we know it.

Tom Engelhardt: Iran Through the Looking Glass

January 2012
 Iranian aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Mexico, and why it can’t happen here.

Tom Engelhardt: Superpower Adrift in an Alien World

January 2012
 It’s time for us to realize that none of the crucial problems on this planet are amenable to military solutions, not even by a country willing to pour its treasure into previously unheard of national security expenditures.

Tom Engelhardt: Lessons from Lost Wars in 2012

January 2012
 Over the last decade, the U.S. has been taught a repetitive lesson when it comes to ground wars on the Eurasian mainland: don’t launch them.

Tom Engelhardt: The Four Occupations of Planet Earth

December 2011
 How the Occupied became the Occupiers.

Tom Engelhardt: The 1% Election: Their Bread, Our Circus

December 2011
 How to turn election year into election life.

Tom Engelhardt: Into the Whirlwind

December 2011
 After almost nine years of war and occupation, what does Washington have to show for itself?

Tom Engelhardt: How the Movies Saved My Life

November 2011
 Seeing the world in black and white (with subtitles).

Tom Engelhardt: An All-American Nightmare

November 2011
 This is what defeat looks like.

Tom Engelhardt: Wall Street by the Book

October 2011
 A (self-)graduation speech for the occupiers of Zuccotti Park.

Tom Engelhardt: Bailing Out the Complex

October 2011
 Is the National Security Complex too big to fail?

Tom Engelhardt: Washington’s Field of Screams

September 2011
 In the last decade, there has been only one definition that truly matters: the almost instantaneous post-9/11 insistence that we are “at war,” and not even in a specific war or set of wars, but in an all-encompassing one.

Tom Engelhardt: Scamming Washington: Exclusive Letters from the ScamiLeaks Archives

September 2011
 Who knew that the highest officials in Washington receive scam “Nigerian” letters as well?

Tom Engelhardt: Let’s Cancel 9/11: Bury the War State’s Blank Check at Sea

September 2011
 Our “ceremonies of hubris” have for the last decade provided a blank check to the war state, so isn’t it time to start talking about how to end them? A call to end our 9/11 ceremonies and rip the Band-Aid off the wound.

Tom Engelhardt: Details of Secret Pact Emerge: Troops Stuck in Afghanistan Until 2024

August 2011
 If you thought President Obama was ending the war in Afghanistan, think again. Your children will be fighting it in 2024 if the Pentagon has its way.

Tom Engelhardt: Could the Pentagon Be Responsible for Your Death? The Military’s Marching Orders to the Jihadist World

August 2011
 A look at a potentially shocking Pentagon program to influence jihadis online that someone in Congress should investigate fast.

Tom Engelhardt: Lowering America’s War Ceiling? Imperial Psychosis on Display

August 2011
 A tour de force exploration of the war crisis that lurks behind the debt-ceiling crisis.

Tom Engelhardt: How Not to Make Friends in the Greater Middle East: Washington’s Singular Accomplishment

July 2011
 Be proud, America! In the name of security, the U.S. is spreading fear & hate.

Tom Engelhardt: Obama’s Bush-League World: Is the Obama National Security Team a Pilotless Drone?

July 2011
 How George W. Bush’s Global War on Terror fantasies and delusions were embedded in our world and have now become the humdrum norm of Obama policy.

Tom Engelhardt: The Militarized Surrealism of Barack Obama: Signs of the Great American Unraveling

July 2011
 What President Obama’s words really tell us about the state of the nation.

Tom Engelhardt: Nine War Words That Define Our World: “Victory” Is the Verbal Equivalent of a Yeti

June 2011
 Nine common terms associated with our present wars that probably don’t mean what you think they mean.

Tom Engehardt: 100 Percent Scared

June 2011
 The rabble over the E. coli outbreak and terrorism teaches us a lot about how America works.

Tom Engelhardt: Dumb Question of the Twenty-first Century: Is It Legal?: Post-Legal America and the National Security Complex

May 2011
 When it comes to acts of state today, there is only one law: don’t pull up the curtain.

Tom Engelhardt: Bored to Death in Afghanistan (and Washington): Mating Déjà Vu with a Mobius Strip in the Graveyard of Empire

May 2011
 If nobody told you otherwise, you could easily believe that almost every breaking Afghan story in the last four weeks came from some previous year of the war.

Tom Engelhardt: Osama bin Laden’s American Legacy: It’s Time to Stop Celebrating and Go Back to Kansas

May 2011
 When the celebrations and partying over his death fade…we’ll once again be left with the tattered American world bin Laden willed us, and it will be easy to see just how paltry a thing this “victory,” his killing, is almost 10 years later.

Tom Engelhardt: China as Number One?: Don’t Bet Your Bottom Dollar

May 2011
 Is it really so illogical to imagine China as the next “sole superpower” on planet Earth?

Tom Engelhardt: Sleepwalking into the Imperial Dark: What It Feels Like When a Superpower Runs Off the Tracks

April 2011
 Empires live vampirically by feeding off others until, sooner or later, they begin to feed on themselves, to suck their own blood, to hollow themselves out.

Tom Engelhardt: The Worst That Could Happen

March 2011
 “And so, for decades, that part of my childhood remained the dark but largely forgotten underside of the golden 1950s. I never thought I'd want it back, but with six nuclear plants threatening to melt down in Fukushima, Japan, I find that I do.”

Tom Engelhardt: (N)ever Again: Old Secretaries of Defense Never Die, They Just Write Bestselling Memoirs

March 2011
 It’s time, once and for all, to lock the gates. It’s time to use the U.S. military only in the genuine defense of this country.

Tom Engelhardt: All-American Decline in a New World

February 2011
 You might think that, as vast swathes of the Greater Middle East are set ablaze, someone in Washington would take a new look at our Af/Pak War and wonder whether it isn’t simply beside the point.  No such luck.

Tom Engelhardt: Waist Deep in the Washington Quagmire

February 2011
 If the Obama's budget is passed, its five-year freeze on domestic programs will reduce spending to the lowest level since Eisenhower left office in 1961.

Tom Engelhardt: Pox Americana: Driving Through the Gates of Hell and Other American Pastimes in the Greater Middle East

February 2011
 Almost 20 years after the lesser superpower of the Cold War left the world stage, the “victor” is now lurching down the declinist slope, this time as the other defeated power of the Cold War era.

Tom Engelhardt: In the Crosshairs, Tuscon-Kabul

January 2011
 Six are dead in Tucson, and the country is outraged. Sixteen are killed in Kabul, and there’s nary a thought for the deceased. Tom Engelhardt discusses how Americans are quick to protect their own, but care little for Afghan innocents.

Tom Engelhardt: The Urge to Surge: Washington’s 30-Year High

January 2011
 It’s easy to forget that war is a drug. But eventually, Washington, the Pentagon, and the U.S. military will have to enter rehab. They desperately need a twelve-step program for recovery. Until then, the delusions and the madness that go with surge addiction are not likely to end.

Tom Engelhardt: One November’s Dead: The American War Dead Disappear into the Darkness

December 2010
 The true horror of the casualties of war may lie in the fact that Americans aren’t even calling for an explanation.

Tom Engelhardt: The National Security State Cops a Feel: Taking Off the Gloves (and Then Everything Else)

November 2010
 As long as Americans don’t grasp the connections between our war state and our “safety,” things will only get worse

Tom Engelhardt: How to Schedule a War: The Incredible Shrinking Withdrawal Date

November 2010
 “In my nineteen fifties childhood, there was a cheesy (if thrilling) sci-fi flick, The Incredible Shrinking Man…In recent weeks, without a radioactive cloud in sight, the date for serious drawdowns of American troops in Afghanistan has followed a similar path toward the vanishing point.”

Tom Engelhardt: The Stimulus Package in Kabul: (I Was Delusional—I Thought One Monster “Embassy” Was the End of It)

November 2010
 You must have had a moment when you thought to yourself: It really isn’t going to end, is it? For the author of this post, the U.S. military’s $511 million plan for a massive expansion of the U.S. embassy in Kabul inspired one of those moments of hopelessness.

Tom Engelhardt: Ballot Box Blues: The Most Dispiriting Election of a Lifetime (Mine)

November 2010
 “Whether the country I once wanted to represent was ever there in the form I imagined is a question I’ll leave to the historians…What remains, angry or depressed, has made for a toxic brew as well as the most dispiriting election of my life.”—Tom Engelhardt’s ballot box blues for November 2010.

Tom Engelhardt: Handicapping the Global Midterms

October 2010
 In the midst of American election frenzy, a one-man tip sheet on the “global midterms”—prospective winners, losers, and those “on the cusp.”

Tom Engelhardt: The War Addicts: 2016 and Then Some

October 2010 Our generals are hooked on spending. Don’t expect them to discipline themselves. They won’t.

Tom Engelhardt: One and a Half Cheers for American Decline: The Future’s Not Ours—and That’s Good News

September 2010 Our country may be in decline, but the news isn’t all bad. It’s actually going to feel better to be just another nation, one more country, rather than the nation.

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse: The American Way of War Quiz: This Was the War Month That Was (Believe It or Not)

September 2010 The first TomDispatch American Way of War Quiz. Pit your wits against the best the Pentagon has to offer.

Tom Engelhardt: Will Our Generals Ever Shut Up?: The Military’s Media Megaphone and the U.S. Global Military Presence

September 2010 Today, you no longer need to be a retired military officer to offer play-by-play commentary on and analysis of our wars. Though nothing in the record indicates that anyone should listen to what these men have to say, the main narrators of those wars turn out to be none other than the generals running, or overseeing, them.

Tom Engelhardt: What If Washington…?: Five Absurd Things That Simply Can’t Happen in Wartime Washington

August 2010 As a boy, Engelhardt loved reading what-if history and science fiction books. Here are his own five what-ifs, five possibilities that—given our world—verge on the fictional.

Tom Engelhardt: The Opposites Game: All the Strangeness of Our American World in One Article

July 2010 Historically, it has undoubtedly been the nature of imperial powers to consider every strange thing they do more or less the norm. For a waning imperial power, however, such an attitude has its own dangers.

Tom Engelhardt: Why Are We in Afghanistan?: As Petraeus Takes Over, Could Success Be Worse Than Failure?

July 2010 Failure breeds critics, you might say, the way dead bodies breed flies. Or put another way, it’s easy enough to criticize a failing American project, but what about a successful one?

Tom Engelhardt: America Detached from War: Bush’s Pilotless Dream, Smoking Drones, and Other Strange Tales from the Crypt

June 2010 With the increasing use of the robotic drone—the Lady Gaga of weapons—America may be instigating the next era of lawless and valorless warfare.

Tom Engelhardt: Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble: Entering the Soviet Era in America

June 2010 As the military continues to hemorrhage money and get drunk with power, the U.S. begins more and more to resemble its once mighty rival, the Soviet Union.

Tom Engelhardt: Yes, We Could Get Out!: Why We Won’t Leave Afghanistan or Iraq

April 2010 Washington makes it seem so impossible, but we really could withdraw our massive armies from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tom Engelhardt: Believe It or Not (2010 Imperial Edition)

April 2010 U.S. war-fighting numbers to knock your socks off.

Tom Engelhardt: When Was the Last Time You Visited Iraq?: Exporting American Democracy to the World

March 2010 Perhaps the U.S. should think twice before shipping its dysfunctional democracy abroad.

Tom Engelhardt: How to Fight a Better War (Next Time)

March 2010 Three fixes for the American way of war.

Tom Engelhardt: Explain Something to Me: Fixing What’s Wrong in Washington… in Afghanistan

February 2010 Why does a country that is convinced it’s becoming ungovernable think itself so capable of making another country governable?

Tom Engelhardt: Seven Days in January: How the Pentagon Counts Coups in Washington

February 2010 American life is being sacrificed to the very infrastructure meant to provide this country’s citizens with “safety.” That’s what seven days in January really means.

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse: An American World of War: What to Watch for in 2010

January 2010 For Americans, 2010 could be the year of the assassin.

Tom Engelhardt: In Nightmares Begin Responsibilities: Why War Will Take No Holiday in 2010

December 2009 As for peacemaking or de-escalation next year, fuggedaboutit…2010: pure loss.

‘No Iraqis Left Me on a Roof to Die’

September 2005

Two hurricanes, one of them human, had blown through American life; between them, they had linked the previously unconnected.

Entries for a Devil’s Dictionary of the Bush Era

April 2005

Never has an administration spent so much time creating, defining, or redefining terms, perhaps because no one (since George Orwell) has grasped the power and possibility that lay hidden in plain sight in the naming and renaming of words.