Tag: torture

Shahbaz Taseer: “How Could I Live Anywhere Else?”

September 2016

Farhad Mirza interviews Shahbaz Taseer about his experience as a captive between two battlefronts, and how his faith gave him the hope he needed to survive.

Karen J. Greenberg: Still in the Bush Embrace

April 2016

What really stands in the way of closing Guantánamo.

Elettra Pauletto: How knowledge of international affairs can help survivors of torture

January 2016

Doctors at Bellevue run specialized relief programs for asylum seekers that are survivors of torture.

Rebecca Gordon: America Revisits the Dark Side

January 2016

Candidates compete to promise the most torture and slaughter

Aya de Leon: Fifty Shades of Political Torture

June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Often derided as tasteless schlock, could the Fifty Shades novels actually reflect something much more serious?

Barbara Myers: The Other Conspirator

June 2015

The secret origins of the CIA’s torture program and the forgotten man who tried to expose it.

The Chair

February 2015

Dharamsala is the end of the journey for many Tibetans fleeing their Chinese-occupied homeland, and where their stories are told.

Rebecca Gordon: Saying No to Torture

February 2015

A gallery of American heroes.

The Infernal

February 2015

"I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror." —Alberto Gonzales

Tom Engelhardt: The Senate Drone Report of 2019

December 2014

The national security state "works," even if nothing it does works.

Rebecca Gordon: American Torture—Past, Present, and… Future?

December 2014

Beyond the Senate torture report.

Sarah Shourd: Torture Chambers of the Mind

September 2014

We think using harsh prison punishment makes us safer. It doesn’t.

Ariel Dorfman: How to Forgive Your Torturer

June 2014

The River Kwai passes through Latin America and Washington.

Karen J. Greenberg: The Road From Abu Ghraib

April 2014

A torture story without a hero or an ending.

Vaddey Ratner: The Cripple’s Last Dance

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Dossier No. X recovered from Interrogation Cell B of Sala-XX

Cora Currier: A Public Indictment Could Shed Light on CIA’s Secret Program

March 2013

What happened to the victims of the US secret prisons and extraordinary renditions?

Nick Turse: “I Begged for Them to Stop”

February 2013

Waterboarding Americans and the Redefinition of Torture

Greg Grandin: The Latin American Exception

February 2013

How a Washington global torture gulag was turned into the only gulag-free zone on Earth.

Cora Currier: At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing

February 2013

Long after the US government claims to have shut down its secret prisons, detainees remain unaccounted for.

Karen J. Greenberg: Learning to Love Torture, Zero Dark Thirty-Style

January 2013

Seven easy, onscreen steps to making U.S. Torture and detention policies once again palatable.

Alfred W. McCoy: Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

August 2012

How two administrations and both parties made illegality the American way of life.

The Wrong Question

December 2010 Journalist Joshua Phillips on the left media’s standard torture story, untrained soldiers making it up as they go, and becoming a suicide hotline.

The Devil’s Advocate

December 2005

The former deputy assistant attorney general on his new book, the Geneva Conventions and the legal case for torture