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Liza St. James: The Limitlessness of International Literature

August 2016

An interview with Adam Z. Levy and Ashley Nelson Levy, the founders of Transit Books on the power of literary translation to bridge cultural divides.

Abdellah Taïa: Un Jardin, en attendent

June 2016

PEN/Guernica Flash Fiction Series: A garden once snubbed becomes a solace.

Adam Morris: Quiet Creature on the Corner

June 2016

An Interview with João Gilberto Noll’s Translator, Adam Morris

A Soldier

May 2016

the melting seconds of your longing / in the brown of a military shirt

Question of Origins

April 2016

Each fossil / is overburdened with life

Elisa Gabbert: Can Ideas Withstand Shifts in Language?

March 2016

Future of Language: Considering the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis for translation, emoji, and pop culture.

To Anyang

February 2016

Lost for words in the cradle of Chinese civilization.

The Face of Ferrante

January 2016

The translator discusses public secrets, private identities, and the final Neapolitan novel.

I From Absolute Solitude

November 2015

I believe they are many, and some are beautiful and deserve to live.

The Last Breath

October 2015

This party has no history.

Doubts and a Hesitation

July 2015

Who has dislocated the world? / and why are birds circling in our stomachs?

waiting room

June 2015

you carry a heavier and heavier bag / and always feel it belongs to someone else

exodon paradoxus (bucktooth tetra)

May 2015

joypolice, even when there’s hunger and fear, we grab hold


April 2015

I envied them in silence / because they were starting something.

Terrorists Speak in Strange Languages

February 2015

I lock my tongue / even though I’ve prayed / in Persian for a thousand years.

Verses of Love and War

November 2014

The writer on the faces of violence in conflict zones, and why poetry offers a form of liberation that journalism cannot.

In Which Forest

November 2014

you gripped the axe’s handle, forever poised / to make a mark

My Father Gave the Neighbors

September 2014

my mother / unraveled both her eyes to the ravens

Dunya Mikhail: Flashed Through Exile

July 2014

The poet talks with Jeannie Vanasco about leaving Iraq, working around censorship, and the work she’s most excited about now.


June 2014

We are resting from our courage.

Myth Is a Theorem About the Nature of Reality

May 2014

The scholar on the vivid tradition of Haida poetry.


April 2014

he was hoisted on the deck with his inheritance / of bones lowered in the berth

Anna Kushner: Literary Midwifery

April 2014

The translator of The Man Who Loved Dogs talks with Keith Meatto about Cuba, Trotsky, and the chemistry necessary for translation.

I OBSERVED the acidic moisture

April 2014

the vertebrae went down and already / I saw no more than eternity and coldness

Elisa Biagini: A World Reinvented Through Poetry

February 2014

Nathalie Handal talks to the Italian poet about her sometimes disturbing imagery and how her work helps us decipher the world.

The Expedition to the Baobab Tree

December 2013

I had felt him in my blood vessels, for he had come to live in me and I had begun to smell like him, and with his eyes...

The Nail at Night Gradually Deepens

October 2013

nobody really owns the wild beast they raise / until they learn to cry

Bare-Knuckle Writing

September 2013

The acclaimed novelist & art critic on dismantling notions of gendered writing, the pleasures of translated texts, and “the clear divide between art and politics” in contemporary American fiction.

An excerpt from “A Kind of Goodbye”

August 2013

Who's coughing? It's my throat, that's all. / Really, no.—I never saw you.


July 2013

if we have migraines, eczemas, allergies: / day

Sotoportego del casin dei nobili

July 2013

I lose my mind, you’re without foreskin.

Jaswinder Bolina: Avoiding the Obvious

June 2013

Poet Jaswinder Bolina discusses writing about race, the process of being translated, and more.

Carlos Franz: Normalcy without Liberty

May 2013

Life in East Germany on display in a strange Berlin museum.


May 2013

Once the bone has been ground up, who, through muslin, would recognize her hand from a dog’s paw?


April 2013

Not much ever happened in Blaustein, but, even if it did, I would still remember the words she said, because it was the first time I’d heard them used, and their meaning, the parentheses they opened in my German existence every time someone used them, shocked me and made me feel like an intruder.


April 2013

I thought I had died and that death meant repeating a name forever.

Robyn Creswell: Arabic Rhetoric Gets an Acid Bath

March 2013

The Paris Review editor on his new translation of That Smell by Sonallah Ibrahim.

Paper Flowers & Cyber Peacocks

December 2012

Let us legally do what we must do in the dark