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Among Strangers

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: Traveling the globe to research the buying and selling of passports, a reporter reflects on arbitrary citizenship and what it means to be “from somewhere.”

Danniel Schoonebeek: Excerpts From C’est la guerre

July 2015

A poet chronicles a backstage view of America by rail.

Jay Walljasper: Saving the World’s Holy Places

March 2015

A narrow interpretation of what’s sacred limits efforts to protect natural treasures.

Claire Nielsen: Apartheid’s Final Outpost

February 2015

In Orania, South Africa’s last remaining white-only town, the country’s history of racial segregation and white supremacy lives on.

Nancy Kricorian: Pilgrimage as/or Resistance

November 2014

A trip to Turkey sparks a search for the ghosts of the Armenian genocide.


November 2014

When they arrived in Abbottabad, my mother thought it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. My father was glad for his homecoming.

Penny Guisinger: Route Nine, Bangor to Lubec

July 2014

There’s drunk driving, and then there’s hungover driving.

Peter Van Buren: Regime Change in America

May 2014

An empire in decline (city by city, town by town).

Saxon Baird: The Dying Days of Vinyl in Reggae’s Capital

February 2014

While foreigners buy up the relics of Jamaica’s musical heritage, reggae culture lives on in Kingston.

Abby Rabinowitz: The Elf Diaries

December 2013

On a season spent in turmoil, transition, and the glitzy winter wonderland of Harrod's of London.

Tara Isabella Burton: Fatherlands

January 2013

I looked at real estate in cities I'd never been to, just in case.

Michelle Legro: Mercator Turns 500

April 2012

Ah, to be at the center of the world! How Gerard Mercator changed history by creating the first useful map.

Trip to Saigon

By Kerri Smith
November 2005

I tell myself I bought the painting as a souvenir, a memory in the French sense. But really it is my consolation for not finding out Amy’s name.