Tag: Turkey

Burhan Sönmez: Two Istanbuls

August 2016

Whitney Curry Wimbish speaks to the author about his latest novel that describes parallel cities.

Richard Falk: Context Matters

August 2016

Turkey after the failed coup.

Richard Falk: Narrating Turkey at a Time of National Crisis

July 2016

How the polarization of politics led to an attempted coup many were not expecting.

Ryan Richardson and Siddhattha Gurung: Kurdish Autonomy, Under Siege

July 2016

How Kurdish rights continue to flounder under an authoritarian Turkey and an imploding Syria.

Ed Winstead: E Pluribus Unum

June 2016

Ed Winstead talks to artist José Parlá about his new short film and finding unity through art.

Selin Gökcesu: On Ankara

March 2016

When a bombing hits home.

Istanbul’s Wandering Songbirds

February 2016

Street vendors are outlaws by definition.

Be Like Water

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The Nonviolent State of Iraq and Syria. The Republic-in-Motion of Lovers Not Fighters. The Government-in-Exile of People Who Just Want to Go to School.

The Afterlife of Waste

October 2015

The Turkish artist on moving to the epicenter of throwaway culture and imagining the life-forms that “might emerge out of the contemporary ooze.”

Richard Falk: A Nonagon of Toxic Conflict

October 2015

Notes on the Turkish quagmire.

Richard Falk: Israel’s Former President Underestimates Turkey and Iran

June 2015

Iran is not evil and Turkey was never in danger of becoming evil.

Richard Falk: Looking beyond Erdoğan

June 2015

Recent elections demonstrate the capacity and potential of a Turkish democracy.

Richard Falk: Armenia’s Genocide

April 2015

One-hundred years of grief and controversy.

Nancy Kricorian: Pilgrimage as/or Resistance

November 2014

A trip to Turkey sparks a search for the ghosts of the Armenian genocide.

Şükran Moral: The Slow Unsilencing

November 2014

On the eve of Contemporary Istanbul, Rachel Friedman talks with one of Turkey’s most controversial artists about performance, process, and what happens when your art makes you a target.

Kaya Genç: Turkey’s Unofficial Referendum

August 2014

On Sunday, Turkey will elect a president by direct popular vote for the first time, choosing between drastically different visions for their political system.

Kirsten O’Regan: In Turkey, Two Fights for Peace

July 2014

Battling violence against women in a divided country.

Robert Reich: The Three Biggest Right Wing Lies About Poverty

June 2014

Republicans ignore the real reasons for poverty in favor of neoliberal fantasies.

Richard Falk: After Turkey’s March 30th Local Elections

April 2014

Why Turkey is at a crossroads.

Kaya Genç: The Self-Inventions of Modernity

March 2014

On Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar's great satire of Turkish modernization, The Time Regulation Institute.

Ece Temelkuran: Revolutionary Nice

February 2014

Free Expression: The surprising weapon of the Taksim Gezi Park protests: a cheery disposition.

Kuzguncuk Hotel

January 2014

what’s life but where my memories keep shacking up

Richard Falk: Two Forms of Lethal Polarization

November 2013

How polarization is poisoning Turkey and Egypt.

Kaya Genç: The Political Color Wheel

November 2013

In Turkey, different colors have long been associated with particular beliefs. Most recently, a rainbow coalition has spread across the country.

Jennifer MacKenzie: Waiting for Ataturk

July 2013

On Taksim, tear gas, and loving a tyrant because he feeds you.

Patrick Wrigley: Menace to Society

June 2013

The protests in Turkey, and the government’s response, highlight a problem more complex than a single micro-managing autocrat.

Trevor Paglen: Turnkey Tyranny, Surveillance and the Terror State

June 2013

We’re not moving toward a surveillance state; we live in the heart of one.

Assad’s Castaways

May 2013

A portrait of Syria’s child-refugees in Antakya, Turkey.


April 2013

Not much ever happened in Blaustein, but, even if it did, I would still remember the words she said, because it was the first time I’d heard them used, and their meaning, the parentheses they opened in my German existence every time someone used them, shocked me and made me feel like an intruder.

Tara Isabella Burton: “Constantinople”

March 2013

The owner of a bookstore in Antalya, Turkey has more to offer than books.

Justice Delayed

January 2013

As the disappeared from the Kurdish-Turkish conflict are unearthed from unmarked graves, will the government help deliver justice?

Richard Falk: Ten Years of AKP Leadership in Turkey

September 2012

There are heartening signs of improved relations between the civil and military arms of Turkey's government, but much work remains.