Tag: Unions

John Provost: Norma Rae Is Spinning in Her Grave

April 2016

Why Union organizing has become an uphill battle in the US.

Joaquin Sapien: In Rare Step, Workers at California Group Home Unionize

July 2015

Frontline employees at a San Francisco home for some of California’s most troubled children bid for better pay and a greater role in treatment.

David Morris: Labor Fights Post Office Privatization

August 2014

Labor solidarity threatens idea of moving post offices to big box stores.

Robert Reich: What Immigration Reform Could Mean for American Workers

April 2013

And why the AFL-CIO is embracing it.

Robert Reich: The Non Zero-Sum Society

January 2013

America must unionize to combat rampant inequality.

Robert Reich: The Inequality Battle in the Heartland

December 2012

The fiscal debate distracts from the power struggle underlying American politics.

Robert Reich: Organizing McDonalds and Walmart, and Why Austerity Economics Hurts Low-Wage Workers the Most

December 2012

Low-income workers will face even harder times if deficit hawks have their way.

David Morris: We’re the NFL. We Don’t Have to Care.

September 2012

The NFL has made its fans complicit in Roger Goodell's union-busting.

Elizabeth Eberle: Picket Album

September 2012

As negotiations between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union continue, one teacher tells her school's strike story in pictures.

Jennifer Sky: Fashion Week and Exploitation

September 2012

In the wake of New York Fashion Week, former model Jennifer Sky calls for the inclusion of models in the SAG-AFTRA union and an end to the exploitation of underage workers.

Ena Lupine: Young, Beautiful, and Replaceable

July 2012

The documentary Girl Model shows how the industry that promises young models financial freedom instead lands them in debt to their agencies.

A Line in the Sand

May 2012

With foreign companies amassing higher stakes and a greater presence in the Iraqi oil business, Greg Muttitt traces the rise of Production Sharing
Agreements (PSAs) and its effects on Iraqi sovereignty.

Mandy Van Deven: America’s Winter of Discontent: A Review of the New Anthology We Are Wisconsin

September 2011
 The question We Are Wisconsin raises is, what will come next, now that the hornet’s nest has been disturbed?