Tag: urban planning

Museum as Laboratory

November 2015

A new exhibition in Pittsburgh explores the modernist past of the city's architecture, and the way forward.

Playing Spaces

May 2015

The architect and writer on action as information, subtraction as growth, and indeterminacy as a practical protocol for design.

Jay Walljasper: These Streets Are Made for Walking

September 2014

How to restore foot traffic as a way to go.

Jay Walljasper: The Year Bike Sharing Came of Age

December 2013

Once dismissed as a hippy-dippy dream, bike sharing is now reality in New York, Chicago and other cities.

Jay Walljasper: Walking as a Way of Life

December 2013

A new movement for health and happiness depends on creating more commons where we can easily walk.

Breaking Down Walls

April 2013

The landscape architect on living cities, the tyranny of lawns, and how mayors will soon rule the world.

Jen Vafidis: Jane Jacobs Looks into the Gloom

December 2012

In her last book, one of the country’s great thinkers lost her edge. Why the decline evidenced in Dark Age Ahead is about more than just Jacobs’s age.

Steve Fraser: The Archeology of Decline

December 2012

Debtpocalypse, austerity, and the hollowing out of America.

Jay Walljasper: How One Dutch Neighborhood Helped People Everywhere Reclaim the Commons

September 2012

A case study in traffic calming, and why it's sometimes better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Jay Walljasper: Not Your Father’s Motor City

August 2012

Southwest Detroit has defied the stereotype of urban decay.

Natasha Lewis: The Grand Project of the Olympics

July 2012

What the top-down planning of the games will bring to East London: dispersal zones, rooftop missiles, and a giant shopping mall.

Jay Walljasper: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces

July 2012

Many public spaces have long been neglected, but it's time for their revitalization.

Paris Stupides

June 2011 What if a site with the exact geographical features of Paris had existed at another spot on the globe?