Tag: veterans

Unwanted Alive

May 2015

Since changes to US immigration law in the ’90s, many veterans are being deported.

Nissa Rhee: Back to War

April 2015

Vietnam and Iraq war veterans find closure only by returning to their war zones.

Olivier Morel and Maël: The Ongoing War

January 2015

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. In the graphic novel Walking Wounded, Olivier Morel and Maël set out to tell their stories.

Paul Kiel: Federal Law Leaves Soldiers Vulnerable

July 2014

Soldiers struggle to find substantive legal recourse against high-cost lender USA Discounters.

Ramiro G. Hinojosa: Lessons from an Unremarkable War

June 2014

World War II is not a war we have to live up to. It’s a war we have to learn from.

Helen Benedict: The Moral Confusion of Post-War America

May 2014

At a Manhattan bookstore, Iraqi author Hassan Blasim’s reading touches off a discussion of more than just literature.

Ann Jones: Star-Spangled Baggage

April 2014

How America’s wars came home with the troops.

Ann Jones: War Wounds

November 2013

Wounded veterans face a long road to recovery.

Ann Jones: The Losers From Our Lost Wars

November 2013

How the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan first silenced our soldiers and then defeated them.

Peter Sleeth: Army Launches Search for Missing War Records

July 2013

The army admits to losing records and preventing veterans from obtaining disability benefits.

Paul Kiel & Mitchell Hartman: Soldiers Defeated by Debt

May 2013

Federal law is supposed to protect service members from predatory lending, but many military personnel are trapped in high-interest debt.

Jeremiah Goulka: It Doesn’t Take Much

April 2013

On almost getting PTSD in Iraq.

Nora Connor: Learning to Fly

December 2012

Two women bridge the military-civilian gap to talk about machine guns and womanliness, dealing with trauma, and breaking old rules.