Tag: war on terror

Tom Engelhardt: The World After Me

July 2016

Eternal “Wartime” in America.

Daniel Nima Moattar: After the War

May 2016

The liberals who endorsed the war in Iraq now labor to whitewash its legacy.

Noam Chomsky: The Costs of Violence

May 2016

Masters of Mankind (Part 2)

Peter Van Buren: Back to the Future

April 2016

Five Questions That Weren't Asked During the 2012 Presidential Debates and Are Unlikely to Be Asked in 2016.

Tom Engelhardt: Failed States and States of Failure

January 2016

“We Destroyed the Cities to Save Them” and other future headlines

David Bromwich: Playing the Long Game on Iran

August 2015

The neoconservatives, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Republicans game the system.

Tom Engelhardt: Who Counts? Body Counts, Drones, and “Collateral Damage”

May 2015

Engelhardt weighs in on the consistent erasure of the casualties in the War on Terror.

Andrew Cockburn: The Kingpin Strategy

April 2015

Andrew Cockburn on how Pablo Escobar's assassination could inform War on Terror policy.

Richard Falk: Change v. Continuity in the Philippines

March 2015

On returning to the Philippines, the Marcos family, and “reconciliation without truth.”

Rory Fanning: Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One)

January 2015

Why the War on Terror shouldn't be your battle.

Mary Mann: Weiter

November 2014

A tale of belonging and not belonging in Mallorca, Spain.

Karen J. Greenberg: Fighting the Last War

October 2014

Will the War on Terror be the template for the Ebola crisis?

Tom Engelhardt: How America Made ISIS

September 2014

Their videos and ours, their “caliphate” and ours.

Peter Van Buren: What if Congress Says No?

September 2013

Why refusing to attack Syria matters.

Cora Currier: The Enemy is Classified

July 2013

The U.S. is at war with Al Qaeda and “associated forces.” But the government won’t say who those forces are.

Tom Engelhardt: Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

July 2013

Living in a one-superpower world (or Edward Snowden vs. Robert Seldon Lady)

Trevor Paglen: Turnkey Tyranny, Surveillance and the Terror State

June 2013

We’re not moving toward a surveillance state; we live in the heart of one.

Richard Falk: Ending Perpetual War? Endorsing Drone Warfare?

June 2013

President Obama, drone warfare, and the self-mystifying glories of American exceptionalism.

Andrew Bacevich: Naming Our Nameless War

May 2013

How many years will it be?

Victoria Brittain: Shadow Lives

March 2013

England's war on terror has become a war on women and children.

Cora Currier: How Does the U.S. Mark Unidentified Men in Pakistan and Yemen as Drone Targets?

March 2013

How exactly does the U.S. government define 'militant activity'?

Cora Currier: Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

February 2013

What constitutes 'necessary and appropriate force'?

Brandon Lingle: Queen’s Creek

August 2012

Back from Iraq, a veteran meditates on the past, present, and future of American warfare, and the small creek in Virginia where they all flow together.

Joe Penney: A Mystery Airstrike and Mali’s “Inevitable” War

July 2012

Calls for a Western intervention in northern Mali, now being called “Africa’s Afghanistan,” rely on logical fallacies and ignore recent history.

Dilip Hiro: Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride

April 2012

Dilip Hiro describes how the Pakistani government has outmaneuvered Washington to the tune of several billion dollars.

The Wrong Question

December 2010 Journalist Joshua Phillips on the left media’s standard torture story, untrained soldiers making it up as they go, and becoming a suicide hotline.

Blood Without Guts

October 2010 Why fight wars our president doesn’t believe in and we can’t pay for? asks retired colonel and military historian Andrew Bacevich.

Droning On

October 2010

From stepped up drone attacks, backsliding on torture, the Afghan surge, has Obama doubled down on Bush’s bets? Editor Joel Whitney interviews Tariq Ali on his new book. Recorded live at Asia Society.

Jose Padilla? Indict Him Already

August 2005 Newman discusses Padilla's case, his state of mind and why the Bush administration's position sets an ugly precedent.