Tag: Washington

Ann Neumann: How the Other Half Dies

June 2014

Class in America: If a humane death is to become a human right, we have to address the socioeconomic barriers that block so many from proper end-of-life care.

Robert Reich: Why Washington Is Cutting Safety Nets When Most Americans Are Still in the Great Recession

November 2013

Washington pulls support as Americans continue to suffer from the recession.

Robert Reich: Their Real Goal is to Make Us All So Cynical About Government That We Give Up

October 2013

Tea Party Republicans are managing to get Americans to give up on our government.

Robert Reich: Before Congress Resumes, a Reminder About What’s at Stake

September 2013

As we prepare for more puerile politics and petty tactics, let’s remember what needs to be done to heal our economy and democracy.

Anna Vodicka: There’s a Train a’Comin’

March 2013

As the Supreme Court prepares to conference on same-sex marriage, a phonebanker reflects on hip-hop lyrics, missionary work, and what a conversation has to do to change a mind.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Why the EPA Reversed its Stance on Polluting Texas Water

March 2013

Emails to Heather Podesta from an interim director raise questions about outside influence on the agency’s decisions.

Karen J. Greenberg: The Unstoppable Legacy of the War on Terror

March 2012

Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, on how the most important thing in Washington now is “messaging”, and how this affects Washington’s unnerving national security.