Tag: water

Water in the Desert

October 2015

From 1952 to 1981, a chemical used to clean airplanes contaminated the groundwater in a Tucson community. By the time the city stepped in, thousands were already sick or dying.

Death of a Valley

October 2015

In 1953, California sacrificed a town to stave its own thirst. But the act was futile, and the state is thirstier than ever.

Mark Warren: The Evolution of Comfort

September 2015

How we have been disenfranchised of our natural inheritance.


August 2015

Every story I have ever told has a kind of breach to it, I think. You could say that my writing isn’t quite right. That all the beginnings have endings in them.

Daniel Moss: An Unexpected Success Story Links Our Health to Wild Lands

January 2015

Conservation policies ensure both safe drinking water and ecological preservation.

Laura Gottesdiener: Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal

November 2014

A journey across a city divided.

Chip Ward: The Original Geo-Engineers

August 2014

How to save the iconic west from the cow.

Heather Samples: In the Land of the Heavy Lifting

February 2014

What the Elk River contamination tells us about a fading West Virginian mythos and the new meaning of Coal Country.

Daniel Moss: Public Water Systems Can Help the War on Poverty

January 2014

Rising water costs aggravate low-income families' problems.

Michelle Chen: A Deluge of Sewage in Palestine, but Still No Water

December 2013

When a natural resource becomes a weapon of war.

William deBuys: Field Notes From a Drying West

July 2013

There simply isn’t enough water to go around.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Message from Mexico – U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink

January 2013

While Mexico searches for untapped aquifers, the US government allows companies to pollute potential sources of fresh water.

Daniel Moss: Greeks Stand Up to Protect Their Water From Privatization

January 2013

As foreign investors eye their public utilities, water workers scramble to create cooperatives.

Aleszu Bajak: Catching Fog in Lima

January 2013

Water scarcity and local action in the pueblos jóvenes of Peru.

Abrahm Lustgarten: How the Feds Let Industry Pollute the Nation’s Underground Water Supply

December 2012

Even as water grows more precious, the Environmental Protection Agency has permitted oil and gas, mining and other industries to contaminate aquifers in more than 1,500 places.

Albert Appleton: How New York City Kept Its Drinking Water Pure–And Saved Billions of Dollars

November 2012

How did New York City manage to control pollution in its water supply on the cheap?

Daniel Moss: Debating the Future of Our World’s Water

April 2012

The World Water Forum in Marseille sets the stage for important talks at Rio environment conference.