Tag: William J. Astore

William J. Astore: Military Dissent Is Not an Oxymoron

August 2016

Freeing Democracy from Perpetual War.

William J. Astore: We Are The Empire

July 2016

Of US Military Interventions, Alien Disaster Movies, and Star Wars

William J. Astore: What’s the Meaning of Failure?

April 2016

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline.

William J. Astore: The US Military Suffers of Affluenza

February 2016

Showering the Pentagon with money and praise

William J. Astore: The American Military Uncontained

May 2015

Chaos Spread, Casualties Inflicted, Missions Unaccomplished.

William J. Astore: War Is the New Normal

February 2015

Seven deadly reasons why America’s wars persist.

William J. Astore: Investing in Junk Armies

October 2014

Why American efforts to create foreign armies fail.

William J. Astore: The American Cult of Bombing

August 2014

Why you should expect more bombs to be dropped everywhere.

William J. Astore: Drone Warfare is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive

March 2013

The ever-destructive dreams of air power enthusiasts.

William J. Astore: Sucking Up to Military Brass

November 2012

Generals who run amuck, politicians who could care less, an “embedded” media...and us.

William J. Astore: The National Security State Wins (Again)

May 2012

There will be a winner in the 2012 election, but it won't be Obama or Romney.

William J. Astore: American Kleptocracy: How Fears of Socialism and Fascism Hide Naked Theft

April 2010 The term once reserved for failed governments can now successfully be applied to the United States.

William J. Astore: The Pentagon Church Militant and Us: The Top Five Questions We Should Ask the Pentagon

March 2010 Imagine, for a moment, if Pentagon officials, supposedly toiling in our name, actually condescended to ask us for our thoughts.