Tag: women

Yxta Maya Murray: When Lillian Bassman Destroyed Her Work

August 2016

What do you do with your artistic legacy when the world no longer loves it?

Women, Winning

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The journalist and She Shapes the City co-founder on the women behind Nairobi’s rapidly changing identity.

The Vertical Frontier

March 2016

I could tell that he preferred each and every stranger, even strangers he had not met yet, even strangers he imagined, he preferred those strangers to me.

Intricate Lives

January 2016

The author on depicting female friendship and fielding questions about unlikable characters.

Women in the World

October 2015

A leading researcher on the need to rescript our narratives about women and the environment.

India’s Third Gender

March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The activist on the ancient legacy and contemporary struggles of hijras.


March 2015

Lost and found in the femicide regions of the US-Mexico border.

Beyond the Binary Behind Bars

June 2013

The activist academic on the prison industrial military complex and its impact on women of color.

The Throwaways

March 2013

In Kenya, doctors are force-sterilizing HIV-positive women without their consent—and in some cases, without their knowledge.

Roe v. Wade at Forty: Beyond Pro-Choice

February 2013

Her name tag said 'Lynn Paltrow: Reproductive Justice.' Pulling out a sharpie, she added, 'And Drugs.'

The Caregivers Coalition

January 2013

One of TIME and Newsweek’s most influential people of 2012, Ai-jen Poo works to address a swiftly aging population, and an exploited workforce, by reforming domestic labor standards.

Gender Gap

September 2012

Hanna Rosin’s controversial new book proclaims the "end of men." But what about the women?

Primeval Superstitions

July 2012

Exploring minority religions in Poland, Katarzyna Majak’s images probe prejudice against witchery, questions of aging, and feminine divinity.

The Female Grotesque

January 2012

South Korean poet Kim Hyesoon on subverting expectations, her use of grotesque language, and the state of feminism in Korea.

Parts and Partial

September 2011

You thought feminists had to focus on empowering women? Stephanie Coontz on why, after a sustained assault on families and unions, that just isn't enough anymore.

The Man from the Ad

September 2011

Nelda didn’t know of anyone else turning thirty who’d never kissed a man. Her sister Maria said women who never made out with anyone were prone to a nervous condition in their old age.

On the Emancipation of Women

January 2010

Just as the 1800s were ripe for the abolition of slavery, this century will bring forces to bear on freeing women from violence, slavery, and oppression.