A Gentleman’s War

Ashley James interviews Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich
April 2014

In the fields of Brooklyn’s Jamaica Bay, a documentarian explores the transnational landscape of the sport of cricket.

Shooting Film

By Charlotta Kotik
April 2014

In Not Afraid of Film Anymore, Czech artist Tomáš Svoboda examines how we have become calm observers of modern horror.

Effacing Memory

By Anila Rubiku
April 2014

The artist defaces dictators who amassed illegitimate power, and works of art.

Forts and Fugitives

By Veronica Kavass
March 2014

On the artistic transformation of a Nashville neighborhood.


Laura Blereau interviews Rashaad Newsome
March 2014

The artist’s video productions and photo collages merge dance, animation, street culture, painting, and turntablism.

The Offence

By Karolina Breguła
March 2014

An excerpt from Karolina Breguła’s short film about a Hungarian town’s fear of modernity.

Dancing With the Machine: Studio Visit With Jonah Bokaer

By Johanna Sluiter
February 2014

Jonah Bokaer’s immersive performances explore relationships between technology and the body.

Blacked Out in Ukraine

Larissa Babij in conversation with Nikita Kadan
February 2014

The artist and curator talk censorship in the arts and Ukraine’s crackdown.

Field Visits for Chelsea Manning

By Lance Wakeling
February 2014

An excerpt from Lance Wakeling’s upcoming film, which features the locations where the former Army intelligence analyst was detained.

Richard: The Readymade Made Available

By Eriola Pira
January 2014

A catalog of objects, ideas, and image, Richard revisits the readymade and its emancipatory potential.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other:
Studio Visit With Einat Amir

By Samuel Jablon
January 2014

Jerusalem-born artist Einat Amir creates environments for strangers to interact.

Art is a Problem

By Joshua Decter
December 2013

Joshua Decter grapples with art’s inherent contradictions; the Los Angeles race riots; and a contemporary artist’s social allegories in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Art is a Problem.

More Problems?

Chelsea Haines interviews Joshua Decter
December 2013

Joshua Decter on the intersection of doubt and commitment in art.

Other Peoples’ Objects:
Studio Visit With Cheon pyo Lee

By Chelsea Haines
December 2013

Cheon pyo Lee charts the idiosyncratic nature of value.

Between You and Me

By Chelsea Haines
December 2013

Can the art world embrace straight talk, or is it doomed to sound liked poorly translated French?


By Danial Nord
December 2013

Youtopia is part of Presented Without Interruption, a monthly video series curated by Guernica‘s art editors.

Brothers in Arts

Artwork by the Gao Brothers
November 2013

Evading Chinese censorship, the Gao Brothers challenge authority through sculpture, painting, performance, and photography.

Edward Burtynsky’s Water

By Eriola Pira
November 2013

The landscape of human impact.

Particulate Matter

By Jake Longstreth
October 2013

Artwork as a form of environmental criticism.

Two Rivers

Glenna Gordon interviews Carolyn Drake, with text by Elif Batuman
October 2013

The photographer’s new book defies borders and conventions in central Asia.

A Re-Imagined Palestine

Haniya Rae interviews Larissa Sansour
September 2013

Larissa Sansour explores the Palestinian condition by using science fiction in her films and photography.


By Glenna Gordon, with photographs by Andrea Stern
September 2013

Performance as Play: Children Pursuing Their Calling.

Bringing Up Sunny

Text by Anne Ishii, images by Taiyo Matsumoto
August 2013

A champion for the bildungsroman publishes his first confessional novel based on his childhood.

What Remains

Photography by Cihad Caner, text by Glenna Gordon
August 2013

In Syria, a photographer captures his subjects’ pleas for normal life against the backdrop of the war-weary landscape.

Vipralambha (Union Through Separation)

By Simon Coates and Zahra Jewanjee
July 2013

Two Dubai-based artists explore a history of political and social tension through border-crossing sounds.

Mapping Marginality

By Denis Wood
July 2013

The radical geographer explores the hidden, unmapped stories of his neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Heavyweight Paint

Haniya Rae interviews Jerome Lagarrigue, Joseph Adolphe, Taha Clayton, and Tim Okamura
June 2013

Four painters on the complexities of categorization via nationality, race, and subject.

No Justice for All

By Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer
June 2013

Race and justice in America are inextricably linked.

Bird and Stone

Haniya Rae interviews Adel Abidin
June 2013

Conveying an Iraqi tragedy through form, motion, and sound.

Radical Transgenderism

Photographs by Elle Pérez
May 2013

Bronx-born, Puerto Rican photographer Elle Pérez explores queer identity in rural Tennessee.

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