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New York City train station with a train loading at the platform

The Rules

February 5, 2024
In all things art, put quality first.

Seeing Red

February 5, 2024
The February issue
Boiling water pours into a pour-over coffee maker

Southern Sonnet

February 5, 2024
I’m trying to write you a love song but / the news overspills as I boil coffee.
Tied on a beach seen from above illustrates the poem "Good"


February 5, 2024
For a while there was a mantra and it went like this.
Fresh-cut broccoli on a gray tea towel

Sleeper Hit

February 5, 2024
He sounded ready to cry. If I could see his face better in the dark, it might have scared me even more. Who was this person who felt so deeply?