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High Dive

An excerpt of the novel by Jonathan Lee in Fiction

Male staff members at the Grand waded through the myths that surrounded her, enjoying the feeling of being stuck.


Shakespeare, New Mexico

By Valeria Luiselli, translated by Christina MacSweeney in Fiction

Boundaries of Nations: With time, I learned to love and master my scenes, putting all the devotion and care into them that our town, our Shakespeare, deserved.



By Yaa Gyasi in Fiction

Boundaries of Taste: And as I parted my lips and then, later, my legs, watching the last clouds of smoke slip upward, I kept hearing my mother’s voice say, “Jesus is a fire.”


Long Forgotten

By Ariel Dorfman in Fiction

He did not want her to think what might possibly be true: that he was going mad.

Kareem Risan_Memories of Cold Nights 15_2014_feature


By E. C. Osondu in Fiction

First there was a little crackle as the pin scratched the record and then the voices would begin to sing or talk and would float into the surrounding inky darkness.


You, Disappearing

By Alexandra Kleeman in Fiction

The apocalypse was quiet. It had a way about it, a certain charm. It could be called graceful. It was taking a long time.


Blak Power

By NoViolet Bulawayo in Fiction

They are just everywhere, walking, rushing, running, toyi-toying, fists and machetes and knives and sticks and all sorts of weapons and the flags of the country in the air, Budapest quivering with the sound of their blazing voices: Kill the Boer, the farmer, the khiwa.


Anthropogenesis, or: How to Make a Family

By Laura van den Berg in Fiction

Soon it was all they could do to keep these children from singeing the draperies or shattering the glass windowpanes with a single touch.


Boy, A History

By Saeed Jones, guest-edited by Roxane Gay in Fiction

Notes on names Boy gets called at school: fudge packer, pansy, fairy, pillow biter, cock gobbler.


The Chaperone

By Ottessa Moshfegh in Fiction

What delighted me was watching how the sun changed my appearance. I spent nightly hours in the mirror, describing the new shades and hues of my face or arms to my martin, who was colorblind.


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Beautiful Objects, Blighted Spaces

Heather Radke interviews the members of Place Lab

Opportunity for the Unknown

Ann Deslandes interviews Theresa Williamson

Women, Winning

Gemma de Choisy interviews Cynara Vetch
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Cynara Vetch FEAT

Women, Winning

Gemma de Choisy interviews Cynara Vetch

The Future of Cities: The journalist and She Shapes the City co-founder on the women behind Nairobi’s rapidly changing identity.



Labor Day

By sam sax

Migrant Is Not a Metaphor

By Cynthia Dewi Oka


By R. A. Villanueva
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OKA cartier bresson FEAT

Migrant Is Not a Metaphor

By Cynthia Dewi Oka

The Future of Cities: A migrant learns to love as mothers do, / by trying and trying again.



Bird (on back)

By Odie Lindsey

The Tail of My Heart

By Claire-Louise Bennett


By Arthur Diamond
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Bird_TOP and FEAT

Bird (on back)

By Odie Lindsey

At daybreak, a bird flew into our bedroom, smacked the wall mirror, and fell on Darla’s back. She slept on.



Surveillance Revisited

Nicole Miller interviews Charlotte Cotton

A Changeless Place

Jill J. Tan interviews Jave Yoshimoto

Touch the Tile

Elizabeth Karp-Evans interviews Sarah Crowner
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vofp5x7 FEAT

A Changeless Place

Jill J. Tan interviews Jave Yoshimoto

The Future of Cities: The artist on his portraits of disaster, invoking empathy, and Godzilla as “the loneliest guy in the world.”



The Metamorphoses of Diane Arbus

By William Harrison
September 2016

The Met Breuer unveils a trove of the photographer’s early work.

Mirror from Damascus

Henry Peck interviews Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami
September 2016

In a war that remains unfinished, two Syrian-British writers acknowledge and affirm those whose stories and lives may be lost in its course.

Taking a Long View

Imani Roach interviews Yaa Gyasi
September 2016

The author on accessibility, black desire, and holding space for complex histories.

Donald Trump and Freshman Essays

By Abby Rabinowitz
September 2016

On the value of uncertainty—in college essays and American politics.

Anya Groner: Healing the Gulf with Buckets and Balloons

September 2016

How fenceline communities are gathering clues to help them combat environmental pollution.

Kavita Das: Groove

September 2016

On Music: Etching memories, cultures, and music onto her violin.

Samantha K. Smith: What Was Left Behind

September 2016

A daughter shares her father's first responder story about searching for bodies at Ground Zero.

Shahbaz Taseer: “How Could I Live Anywhere Else?”

September 2016

Farhad Mirza interviews Shahbaz Taseer about his experience as a captive between two battlefronts, and how his faith gave him the hope he needed to survive.

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