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smyrna FEATURE

Be Like Water

By Annia Ciezadlo in Features

Boundaries of Nations: The Nonviolent State of Iraq and Syria. The Republic-in-Motion of Lovers Not Fighters. The Government-in-Exile of People Who Just Want to Go to School.


The River Rises to Meet You

By Nicole Miller in Features

Alone, un-housed, we moved with the current, the future suspended like the long lines of a spider’s silk flung loose on the air.

matthias meyer FEATURE

Water in the Desert

By Beth Alvarado in Features

From 1952 to 1981, a chemical used to clean airplanes contaminated the groundwater in a Tucson community. By the time the city stepped in, thousands were already sick or dying.

V0014971 Adonis being born from Myrrha (half woman, half tree) into t
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Adonis being born from Myrrha (half woman, half tree) into the arms of Lucina, a nymph. Engraving by M. Faulte, 16--.
after: Michel FaultePublished:  - 
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Myrrh in the Time of the Anthropocene

By Anna Badkhen  in Features

Boundaries of Nature: Each time my friend reaches for his resin, he taps into a global knowledge honed over millennia, a true people’s pharmacopeia.


They Seem to Be Immortal

By Zach St. George in Features

The expansive, ongoing fight to save the sequoias.


Everything Just Disappeared

By Katherine Rowland  in Features

In Gavdos there is a sort of collective protest against the past. Not against history and the stubborn patterns we mistake for certainty, but against all evidence of time beyond the beach.


Allah Guides to His Light Whomever He Wishes

By Peter Manseau in Features

Religion in America: For more than twenty years, Muslim revert Kenny Irwin Jr.’s Robolights display has been a fixture of Christmas in Southern California.


La Milonguera

By Tamzin Baker in Features

In Buenos Aires, a tango dancer’s tragic accident ends her career—and unearths longstanding trauma.

Between the Folds_feature


By Nisa Qazi in Features

When they arrived in Abbottabad, my mother thought it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. My father was glad for his homecoming.



By S. Harrison Grigg in Features

A central Pennsylvania town, overrun by outsiders looking to make a buck and leave, confronts the natural gas boom and its own unpleasant truths.


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Beautiful Objects, Blighted Spaces

Heather Radke interviews the members of Place Lab

Opportunity for the Unknown

Ann Deslandes interviews Theresa Williamson

Women, Winning

Gemma de Choisy interviews Cynara Vetch
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Cynara Vetch FEAT

Women, Winning

Gemma de Choisy interviews Cynara Vetch

The Future of Cities: The journalist and She Shapes the City co-founder on the women behind Nairobi’s rapidly changing identity.



Labor Day

By sam sax

Migrant Is Not a Metaphor

By Cynthia Dewi Oka


By R. A. Villanueva
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OKA cartier bresson FEAT

Migrant Is Not a Metaphor

By Cynthia Dewi Oka

The Future of Cities: A migrant learns to love as mothers do, / by trying and trying again.



Bird (on back)

By Odie Lindsey

The Tail of My Heart

By Claire-Louise Bennett


By Arthur Diamond
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Bird_TOP and FEAT

Bird (on back)

By Odie Lindsey

At daybreak, a bird flew into our bedroom, smacked the wall mirror, and fell on Darla’s back. She slept on.



Surveillance Revisited

Nicole Miller interviews Charlotte Cotton

A Changeless Place

Jill J. Tan interviews Jave Yoshimoto

Touch the Tile

Elizabeth Karp-Evans interviews Sarah Crowner
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vofp5x7 FEAT

A Changeless Place

Jill J. Tan interviews Jave Yoshimoto

The Future of Cities: The artist on his portraits of disaster, invoking empathy, and Godzilla as “the loneliest guy in the world.”



André Naffis-Sahely: Sublimated Rebellion

July 2016

Erica Wright talks to translator André Naffis-Sahely about translating one of Morocco's greatest living poets and the 'commodity' of despair.

Anna B Scott: John Sims has a Tardis

July 2016

The Math Artist speaks about his multi-media project involving the Confederate flag.

Lauren Elizabeth Neal: Lost in Transit

July 2016

NIMBYism, racial fear, and class politics: the struggles of trying to connect the divided Los Angeles.

Norman Solomon: Welcome to Little America

July 2016

The most important US air force base you’ve never heard of.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: The strange legal marriage of the anti-choice movement and campaign finance

July 2016

The same jerks after your uterus are shooting down campaign rules; one tactic just backfired.

Charles Ornstein: Health Gadgets and Apps Outpace Privacy Protections, Report Finds

July 2016

In 2009, Congress asked for recommendations on what to do about information that falls outside the privacy law known as HIPAA. Today, health officials released their report, but offered no suggestions.

Ryan Richardson and Siddhattha Gurung: Kurdish Autonomy, Under Siege

July 2016

How Kurdish rights continue to flounder under an authoritarian Turkey and an imploding Syria.

Nadja Spiegelman: Growing up in the Age of Terror

July 2016

A teenage girl refuses to give into the fear created by recent terrorist attacks in France.

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