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June 21, 2006

Click here to view Elisabeth Lecourt’s Gallery.


Born in France and educated at Central Saint Martin’s and the Royal College of Art in London, Elisabeth Lecourt works in an unusually diverse set of media. Spanning sculpture, installation, embroidery, and drawing, her artwork seems to defy its materials in much the same way that a landmass may defy the sometimes arbitrary and abstract divisions imposed on it by politics and cartography. Despite the seemingly distinct media from which she shapes her body of work, it is consistent, intimate, revealing, and emotionally acute.

Her series “Les Robes Geographiques” uses folded maps to form origami-like dresses, shirts and other pieces of clothing.

“As a cartographer depicts maps to understand the world we live in, I force the maps to take the shapes of clothing, representing the wearer’s habitat and identity, forming an intimate connection with the wearer.”

Elisabeth Lecourt recently won the BIDA award for Best Newcomer. She has exhibited internationally. Several of the pieces in this gallery were on view at the AAF in New York from June 16-18. Her work will also be shown at artLONDON 2006 from 6-10 October 2006 at the Royal Hospital in London

View more of her work at

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