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Parker Chehak: A Filibuster Proof Congress

September 23, 2008

Parker Chehak

With the presidential race heating up, it is easy to lose sight of the upcoming Senate races. The Democrats are poised to gain the holy grail of the Senate – a 60 vote, filibuster proof majority. It was just such a majority that allowed FDR to pass The New Deal and Lyndon Johnson to pass his Great Society.

There are currently 26 incumbent Republican Congress members that have announced that they will not be seeking reelection. Democrats need only to secure 9 of these seats to gain a filibuster proof majority. The GOP is likely to lose seats in New Hampshire, New Mexico, Virginia, Colorado and Alaska. North Carolina, Oregon and Minnesota will be tough for the GOP to defend and the races in Mississippi, Kentucky, Nebraska and Texas are highly competitive. That’s 12 seats. If the GOP were to lose all them, they would have the fewest Senators since the 95th Congress (1977-1979).

DailyKos has set up a fund raising effort called Orange to Blue to simplify the process of supporting Democratic Senatorial races across the country. From this site, you can donate to any individual candidate or to the Democratic collective as a whole.

So, remember that this election is about more than just who the next president will be, it is also about who will control Congress. By supporting Democratic candidates not just in your own state, but across the country, you can help the Democrats achieve a filibuster-proof Congress.

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