This Is How You Beg

By Anna Rose Welch
April 2014

It should feel like you’ve rebuilt man / from woman’s most essential parts.


By Tatiana Oroño, translated from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval
April 2014

he was hoisted on the deck with his inheritance / of bones lowered in the berth


By Andrew Nance
April 2014

Good evening Secretary of the Interior Brain, glowing / wick of my infomercial light

I OBSERVED the acidic moisture

By Antonio Gamoneda, translated from the Spanish by Donald Wellman
April 2014

the vertebrae went down and already / I saw no more than eternity and coldness

Act Two

By Clay Matthews
March 2014

Only a flood could drown out / the light he still held inside.

You Can’t Tell the Truth

By Rebecca Gayle Howell
March 2014

We talk about leaving here as if / it’s walking out a door.

Wherever the nurse touches you

By Simon Perchik
March 2014

the way your blood here to there / drifts off course


By Sarah Crossland
March 2014

There is no word for emergency after the body / wilts.


By JoAnna Novak
February 2014

So Nurse, take mine, girl tabs and man cuticles, two fingers // to the wrist.

The Moonshiner’s Prayer

By Kevin Heaton
February 2014

I’ll dance in the spirit with rattlers at the First Pentecostal snake church.

The President of Snails

By Maung Day
February 2014

Would I want a house full of dead sparrows? No, I wouldn’t.


By Hsia Yü, translated from the Chinese by Steve Bradbury
February 2014

The man who leaves for Ye today will promptly get there yesterday

Deaf Sign for Beautiful

By Zoe Dzunko
January 2014

I never did heal, we each / took our turns at crying in cubicles

Kuzguncuk Hotel

By Haydar Ergülen, translated from the Turkish by Derick Mattern
January 2014

what’s life but where my memories keep shacking up

malignant catarrhal fever

By Joey De Jesus
December 2013

we measure our Januaries in loss


By Sam Collier
December 2013

three times the smoky war has kissed her hand / and galloped off with somebody she loved.


By Paul Beilstein
December 2013

The popular literature says I got / the right amount of sleep

Dear Juniper,

By Russ Woods
December 2013

Just tell me it’s impossible for someone / to stop being invincible later on after starting out that way.

Picking Up Branches After A Wind Storm

By Sara J. Grossman
November 2013

where we assemble the lone // and are among them.

Love Song of the Assimilated

By Jaswinder Bolina
November 2013

I’m no busboy, Bunny, I’m a yachtsman.

Expeditions to the Polar Seas

By Gale Marie Thompson
November 2013

This is when I’d like to see gravity happen.


By Ejiofor Ugwu
November 2013

The rope almost loops / in an obvious feast of beheading.

Staring as I Was into the Sequined Doom

By B.J. Soloy
October 2013

I don’t mean to sing disaster.

The Nail at Night Gradually Deepens

By Kim Kyung Ju, translated from the Korean by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-Yeon
October 2013

nobody really owns the wild beast they raise / until they learn to cry

The Disposal of Evil, 1926

By Dan Ivec
October 2013

I looked in the mirror and saw myself stealing things with a devil.


By Fani Papageorgiou
October 2013

my question to you is how will we hold off distress

Milk Teeth

By Karissa Morton
September 2013

It means you can still feel the heavy thrum of thigh / on saddle, can smell the man’s blood-hunger

Stories of Svet

By Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
September 2013

but the girl stayed dancing / underwater a wild catfish tangled in broken whiskers / until you couldn’t tell them apart

Ritual of the Bacabs
as The Strange Case of Kate Abbott

By Kathryn Nuernberger
September 2013

First he suspected she swallowed / the pins herself from compulsion, but then no, that was not it.

You Knock a Third Time

By Nance Van Winckel
September 2013

What’d’ya mean you don’t know me? / I’ve bought bibles off you before!

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