Original illustration by Pedro Gomes

Sometimes, I encounter a poem by a poet I have newly discovered that makes me hungry to see more of the world through their eyes. Anthologia, a new poetry project at Guernica, was birthed partly from that desire to stew in a poet’s language and perspective for a while, to make space for a gathering of poems by a single poet — poems tethered formally, thematically, obsessively, lyrically, playfully; poems that flourish when read together. Reading the work sent our way, we see that this call was a gift, and we are so grateful to the poets who shared this largesse with us.

— Sarah Ahmad, series editor

I. Low Flying Planes by Hajjar Baban (February 2023)
II. I Want, Still by Dure Ahmed (April 2023)

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad, a poetry editor at Guernica, was born in Delhi and grew up across the Indian subcontinent. She has been a graduate student in the women’s history and writing programs at Sarah Lawrence College, taught in the CUNY Start program, and was the 2018–19 Editorial Fellow at Poets & Writers. She is currently a PhD student in literature at UMass–Amherst, working on the poetics of space in contemporary queer/diasporic texts, and writes in-between poem-prose beings.