Original illustration by Pedro Gomes

Sometimes, I encounter a poem by a poet I have newly discovered that makes me hungry to see more of the world through their eyes. Anthologia, a new poetry project at Guernica, was birthed partly from that desire to stew in a poet’s language and perspective for a while, to make space for a gathering of poems by a single poet — poems tethered formally, thematically, obsessively, lyrically, playfully; poems that flourish when read together. Reading the work sent our way, we see that this call was a gift, and we are so grateful to the poets who shared this largesse with us.

— Sarah Ahmad, series editor

I. Low Flying Planes by Hajjar Baban (February 2023)
II. I Want, Still by Dure Ahmed (April 2023)
III. Toward Mercy I Throw the First Stone by Simon Shieh (June 2023)
IV. The Owls of Saginaw by Monica Rico (August 2023)
V. Essay on Tilt by Kimberly Quiogue Andrews (October 2023)
VI. The Robert Poems by S. Yarberry (December 2023)

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad, a poetry editor at Guernica, was born in Delhi and grew up across the Indian subcontinent. She has been a graduate student in the women’s history and writing programs at Sarah Lawrence College, taught in the CUNY Start program, and was the 2018–19 Editorial Fellow at Poets & Writers. She is currently a PhD student in literature at UMass–Amherst, working on the poetics of space in contemporary queer/diasporic texts, and writes in-between poem-prose beings.