A Brave Pilot From the New China

Excerpts from a novel by Ernesto Semán, translated from the Spanish by Tara FitzGerald
April 2014

For many years I had thought about my father’s suicide, about his various possible suicides.

Someone Is There

By Jean McGarry
April 2014

Every profession had its misfits and mediocrities, but few attracted, as his did, the very people it was designed to help.

Last Words from Montmartre

By Qiu Miaojin, translated from the Chinese by Ari Larissa Heinrich
April 2014

The Taiwanese novelist’s story of a passionate relationship between two young women.

Love Struck

By Haifa Bitar, translated from the Arabic by Hannah Benninger
April 2014

I had never, in my whole life, been able to understand love as a sickness.

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

By LaShonda Katrice Barnett
March 2014

A heart-fixer is he, there is nothing he does not see…

I Will Crawl to Raleigh If I Have to

By Lauren Holmes
March 2014

My mom and I were going to stop to break up with my boyfriend on our way to Emerald Isle, but the muffler fell off of my car right before we got to the exit we needed to take to Raleigh.

The Dead at the Table

By Antonio Tabucchi, translated from the Italian by Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani
March 2014

When he left home he always needed to find a Target, otherwise he felt lost.

The Lobster Kings

By Alexi Zentner
March 2014

I have two sisters, but I’m the one who works the ocean with Daddy, Cordelia Kings, heir to the throne.


By Sara Nović
February 2014

I do not trust these people, and they are not worth the embarrassment.

The Jealous Wife

Orally told by Um Khalaf; collected and translated by Mei ElGindi.
February 2014

“It’s over. I killed her,” he replied.

The Matiushin Case

Excerpt from the novel by Oleg Pavlov, and translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield
February 2014

I don’t bear the army any grudge. I think they did right to beat me.


An excerpt from the novel by Javier Mosquera, and translated from the Spanish by David Unger
February 2014

I gave strict instructions for two specialists to watch over you twenty-four hours a day.


By Mark Chiusano
January 2014

People around Red were saying they were going to charge Piggy with a hate crime.

Necessary Evil

By Mikhail Iossel
January 2014

Think of your being a Jew in terms of having been born with clubfoot: unfortunate, of course, but not the end of the world.

The Expedition to the Baobab Tree

By Wilma Stockenström, translated from the Afrikaans by J. M. Coetzee
December 2013

I had felt him in my blood vessels, for he had come to live in me and I had begun to smell like him, and with his eyes…

The World in the Evening

By Norman Lock
December 2013

To get to the point: last night an iceberg slid out of my mind and into the room, sheathing first the windows and then the walls with frost.

Crossing the Rio Grande

By Courtney Angela Brkic
December 2013

“The Pacific Ocean,” he was telling their children through the rearview mirror, “is greater than the Atlantic. Many creatures are living there.”


By Mario Alberto Zambrano
November 2013

I could understand how difficult it must’ve been for two beautiful boys to resist one another, you, and my friend. But what happened next was what I had a hard time wrapping my head around.


By Teresa Milbrodt
November 2013

The little people eat on the couch while Berchta and I eat at the kitchen table, and she relaxes enough to grouse about how no one appreciates the old gods and goddesses anymore. I assume this is a typical complaint among mythical figures.

The Widow

By Jennifer Acker Shah
November 2013

The husband did not stop until he reached the ocean. Did not turn to wave at the woman he would widow.

Millions of Americans Are Strange

By Nicholas Grider
November 2013

Frank pays John to meet him at a hotel when Frank is in town so John can tie him up and leave him alone like that for eight to ten hours.

Wonder Woman Underoos

By Scott McClanahan
October 2013

I crawled out of the bed wearing my PJ top and these little Wonder Woman Underoos.

A Lifetime of Food

By Naz Riahi
October 2013

“He wouldn’t let me get a driver’s license. Did I ever tell you that? … I went down to the department and there was a soldier there who said, ‘I’m sorry but your husband has given us orders to turn you away.’”


By Mary Akers
October 2013

We were Boudreaux and Rothschild, Miller and Stackowski, O’Toole and Greene. We were Dani, Alyx, Rickie, Carlita, Jaz, Sam. We were butch. We were femme. We were bois. We were a tribe.

A Spring Cleaning

By Dwyer Murphy
October 2013

When the previous summer’s blackout revealed that Barrett kept his family on an electric well pump rather than pay the town for water, Patrick had eased his mother’s shame by announcing that nothing pleased him better than a bath in the pond.

The House on Iran Street

By Hooman Majd
September 2013

A map showed a tiny airplane, a jagged line trailing it, seemingly hovering over a dot named “Teheran.”


By Maria Mutch
September 2013

The wolves patrol back and forth and back and forth along the forest periphery and terrify the village children but not the parents—the parents are too busy with their politics and knickknacks to notice much about the wolves.

from A Forest of a Thousand Daemons: A Hunter’s Saga

By D.O. Fagunwa, translated from the Yorùbá by Wole Soyinka
September 2013

Without a doubt, my friend has told you the tale about my parents, and about the various things that I experienced when I visited the Forest of Irunmale.

The Watch

By Terese Svoboda
September 2013

Everyone is hoping that the just declared new country will be lucky, that the rioting and murdering will not break out as predicted by the expat at our bar the night before.

Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt Ellen

By Dorthe Nors, translated by Martin Aitken
August 2013

They were full of stories, and right from the beginning they wanted to tell them all, and when they did they would look at him as if to encourage him to learn them by heart

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