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March 30, 2021
Loving Lebanon is one thing; living there is another. Generation after generation, surviving in the homeland sometimes costs too much.

The Cleric and I

April 9, 2018
Trailing a religious fighter in an Iraqi province where ISIS is an existential threat, looking to learn what drives men and women to take bullets for one another.

Cities of the Future: The Avenue of Faiths

June 15, 2016

On the crowded bus there was an Iraqi woman who was utterly lost; she did not know where her hotel was. With their broken Arabic, the other riders managed to figure out where she was staying and told the driver. The driver, in turn, halted the bus right in front of the Iraqi woman’s hotel— the hotel of a woman from a country Iran had fought a bloody eight-year war with.

Cities of the Future: The Bubble

June 15, 2016

During the difficult times that the bleeding Middle East as a whole and Israel in particular are enduring, times of religious fundamentalism, violence, racism, and despair, Tel Aviv has indeed been a bubble—a bubble that continues to draw to it many who still believe we can build a better future through action and not just through prayer.

On Jowhara AlSaud’s Dual Censorship

January 28, 2014
Free Expression: A studio visit shows how the photographer obscures her images in order to reveal. J owhara AlSaud’s images reveal the latent possibilities of her medium, photography. In manipulating portraits of friends and family in her series Out of Line (2008-2010) and further obscuring her subjects in Knots (2011-2012), the artist explores social and […]