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a sailor selling a nostrum by the sea


January 27, 2022
Hospitality is never simple: it will always require me to yield some control over my body or space to another’s desires.

Cat World

October 2, 2020
I change my avatar from a catgirl with blue eyes to one with green eyes. The new catgirl still has short black hair, but instead of a schoolgirl outfit, she’s wearing a black triangle bikini with white edging and her breasts are huge.


January 17, 2019
He started by pushing her onto the bed and kissing her, and it was then that Kenlee knew she did not want to be there. She did nothing to stop Robbie. It would not matter if she had.

The Honey Trap

February 15, 2013
The training camp where Stasi once learned to catch secrets with sex is now a free-love commune. But even free love isn’t easy. Meet a radical community’s jealous lovers.


April 15, 2012

Their bodies converse. They forget that very soon one of them will be burned alive on Place de Grève.

Never the Face

June 15, 2011
Claire Messud and novelist Ariel Sands (the pseudonym of an internationally known nonfiction writer) discuss the tradition of sadomasochistic literature, the glorification of obsessive love, and whether there's a feminist defense of submissiveness.