The Shark’s Fin

By Abby Margulies
October 2015

A new documentary follows three climbers up one of the world’s most challenging peaks to explore the depths of commitment, passion, and calculated risk.

The Unknowing

Mesha Maren interviews Claire Falkenberg
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The visual artist on the landscape of her native Canada, exhibiting at a nuclear power plant, and seeking to destabilize the familiar.

A Battle in Images

By Abby Margulies
September 2015

Political posters and propaganda on view at LACMA shed light on a tumultuous period in Germany’s history, when art served as a catalyst for change.

Music Meant to Change the World

By Justin Slaughter
August 2015

Folk City at the Museum of the City of New York dives into the politics and nostalgia of New York’s folk revival.

Breaking the Silence

By Kathleen Massara
August 2015

Zanele Muholi’s stirring portraits of South Africa’s LGTBQI community.

I Share, Therefore I Am

By Arianne Di Nardo
July 2015

Artist Mónika Sziládi examines the digital self.

The People’s Pervert

Meakin Armstrong interviews John Waters
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: The filmmaker and artist on the evolution of bad taste.

A Failure of Memory

By Ingrid Sinclair
June 2015

Three photographs chronicle the devastation surrounding the war against apartheid in South Africa.

Shifting States

By Emmanuel Iduma
May 2015

What can two portraits of President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, taken three decades apart, tell us about Nigeria’s political climate?

Jesus Days

By Greg Reynolds
May 2015

A photographer’s images of a contented but closeted youth.

Raw Nerve

Grace Bello interviews Françoise Mouly
April 2015

The New Yorker’s art editor on learning English through imagery, comics as cultural barometer, and collaborating with Art Spiegelman.

Escape, Release, and Return

By Leslie Baum
April 2015

The artist reimagines Robin Beth Schaer’s poem, “Messenger.”

This Huge Equilibrium

By Darrell Hartman
April 2015

On director Wim Wenders’s documentary The Salt of the Earth, a look at the career and conservation efforts of photographer Sebastião Salgado.

Inside / Outside

Alex Zafiris interviews Hayv Kahraman
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The artist discusses refugee trauma, female oppression, and her new show, How Iraqi Are You?

Buffalo Magic

By Darrell Hartman
March 2015

Plains Indians, Painted Hides, and the De-Wilding of the American West

The Perfect Beat

By Alex Zafiris
February 2015

Canonizing and continuing DJ Afrika Bambaataa’s hip-hop legacy

Slowly, and With Much Expression

By Rebecca Bengal
February 2015

Alec Soth’s Songbook.

Before the Eclipse

Photos by Jaime Permuth
January 2015

The photographer’s recent images of Havana.

Of This Time

Alex Zafiris interviews Chitra Ganesh
December 2014

Religion in America: The artist discusses Hinduism in the diaspora, religious imagery, and her new show, Eyes of Time.

Documentary Film and the Pleasure Principle

By Darrell Hartman
December 2014

Reflections on Les Blank.

The Self-Portraits of Samuel Fosso

By Emmanuel Iduma
November 2014

Examining identity through costume, impersonation, and performance.

The Darling Duck

By Dorothy Iannone
November 2014

One of many recipes inspired by centuries of yearning for the eternal duck.

Choosing Their Histories

Cynthia Cruz interviews Katy Siegel
October 2014

The curator discusses her preference for non-linear perspectives and truly independent thinkers.

How Small It Actually Is

Alex Zafiris interviews Ben Davis
October 2014

American Empires: The art critic and activist discusses the power structures of the art empire.

Birds in Flight

By Kathleen Massara
September 2014

In NEGROGOTHIC: A Manifesto, The Aesthetics of M. Lamar, the artist re-envisions historical narratives to break open the present.

Outlaw’s Territory

By Rebecca Bengal
September 2014

Disregarding Hunter S. Thompson’s advice, Danny Lyon set off to “record and glorify the life of the American bikerider.”

Layers of Truth

Alex Zafiris interviews David Unger and Anne Gilman
August 2014

The novelist and visual artist discuss their collaborative work “The Mastermind y lo contrario.”

Scenes From a Contemporary Arab World

Haniya Rae interviews Massimiliano Gioni
August 2014

The curator on the New Museum exhibition Here and Elsewhere.

The Unlearning

By Tatiane Schilaro
July 2014

A New York-based Brazilian writer considers her country’s unrest through the work of performance artist Paulo Bruscky.

Sight Lines

Alex Zafiris Interviews Milton Glaser
June 2014

The iconic graphic designer on personal responsibility, the dangers of corporate branding, and the power of art to bridge social divides.

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