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Hobo Clown & Forest


Drawing from film, music, cartoons, and dance, I like to blend earthly fact, blatant fiction, and lots of oil paint to form a stage of tragedy, farce, and raw, ominous beauty—at times capturing otherworld buffoonery, and other times presenting a simple earthly dignified moment.

Hobo Clown


“Hobo Clown” and “Forest” are two recently completed clay-mation videos by Allison Schulnik. Forest is also a music video for the world renowned and critically acclaimed band Grizzly Bear.

Allison Schulnik is a painter, sculptor, and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries internationally and at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. She was recently selected as one of the “Ones to Watch” by Art Review. She is scheduled for her next major solo exhibition of new work in Los Angeles at Mark Moore Gallery from January 9 to February 6, 2010.

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  1. Comment by Lou Beach on January 23, 2010 at 11:53 am

    These are inspired, left me giddy and nicely off kilter.

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