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Babel Tales


“Babel Tales” is a series of works that focus on human relations (or the lack thereof) in big cities. Peter Funch’s project is a junction between documentary photography and manipulated photography. Through repetition and juxtaposition he zooms in on human similarities and collective behavior and ends up creating a strange, poetic, and detailed picture of our presence as both individuals and community members in the public sphere. His uncanny work raises questions of reality contra fiction and challenges our notion of photography as being a depiction of a certain moment in time. Peter Funch’s works are documents of moments that never existed as they are composed of several hundred moments taken over the duration of several weeks for each piece. By shooting in the exact same position over a period of time, he is able to superimpose images on top of each other and create a fictional work based on documentary photography.”


Peter Funch was born in a small town in a rural area of Denmark. He has lived and worked in New York City for the past six years. A new commissioned series of large-scale works, “Danish Diaries,” was unveiled at the Danish Pavilion, designed by Bjarke Ingels (BIG), for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Last summer Funch was chosen as artist of the year for the prestigious Dutch public art project Dream Amsterdam. He also received Palle Fogtdals Photo Prize in Denmark.

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  1. Comment by andu on June 9, 2011 at 3:30 am

    I have a hard time understanding your criteria for selecting artists you promote, Peter Funch is not mediocre like the others.

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