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Trompe l’oeils


The multiform artist creates mixed-material worlds from ceramics, drawing, and photography.

Julia Pfeiffer integrates ceramics, drawing, and photography into her work. Using background drawings, found objects, or her own ceramic pieces, Pfeiffer stages photos to create trompe l’oeils—optical illusions—in final form, tricking viewers into believing the photos are drawings. Her ceramic studies of human irises, and creatures like “Animal Vessel (Figure of the Thinkable),” are anthropomorphic objects, sometimes used as characters in larger scenes.


Julia Pfeiffer lives and works in Berlin, having studied at Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. Recent exhibitions have included NADA Miami 2012, Desaga Gallery, and Cologne and Horse, Berlin. Her second solo exhibition, “Figures of the Thinkable,” was held at Maria Stenfors in London.

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