You know what
I mean?

You know what
I mean?

(Molotov cocktail, unlit)

The symbol shows only
all its previous lives

(16 oz. can of Miller High Life)

“Throw it at him!
Don’t just stand there,
throw it at him!”

It transforms
in mid-air,
hidden in plain sight,

on the wing
in its defender’s mouth
skywriting its name in the
optical illusion blank spaces
shifting around the surface
of the necessary paperwork (also in mouth)

Concentrate hard
to work out a set of modular clarifications (for later)
“average” maybe, “active” maybe,
“surprising” maybe, “potential” maybe,

I’m kinda surprised that it’s still alive, cuz I got that from uh, what was her name? Yeah, so the – I mean that’s gotta be like, what, six seven eight years old now? Cuz what that was what, ninety – ninety six, maybe? That – that thing was… uh… I mean it always seemed like it was kind of neglected when it was living at their place. You know what I mean? I’ve heard that they can live quite a long life, but I don’t know how long that is. [long pause] Obviously ten years.

The effects? On what, the lifespan? Ha ha…I kind of, think so? I don’t remember exactly when he went but I think that’s when it was.

I don’t remember exactly
but I think that’s when it was
The sun was shedding apples
Like a lyric of shuffled cards

The marigolds kept blooming
& the pie turned out okay
“I’m ears” I said “& I’m proud of it” but
I’m really a terrible listener

The dog turned into a doughnut maker
The maple turned into a flight simulator
The lieutenant told him to squeeze his hand
if he understood what was being said

In a Station of the Metro

Oh glory! Alive! Interstellar
travel or seaweed observer

Mutual information or
beggarly doggerel

Head that shifts independently
of the eye(s) colossus

“nuke it from orbit it’s the
only way to be absolutely certain”

crass incessant stupid right angles, but then again,

War! Bring the full articulation or
suffer! I’m looking

at you!
the bending thing (an octopus?) says

to a bending man dancing
for spare change from passersby, Where

you got

“Out, from usage. Movement
from my eyes
(out) fades, the movement
has faded
into rows and rows
identical in air,

in subtle air. Usage
from my hands out
has faded, movement fades
and rows and rows emerge
out of the unnoticed
subtle static” continuous moves

They keep the man in a bright orange uniform
They keep him in the rows.


In the President, when he purrs,
Are two liquids, which he stirs

Cool saliva warmed by sunlight
Tepid ichor cooled by moonlight

With a headless daisy stem
He, motioning, mingles them

Purposeless potion, President-swirled
Beautiful President, blameless world


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